Ghanaian International Reggae Star-Papa Gandi Seeks 2016 Electoral Peace With His Peace Themed Song & Music Video

Papa Gandi
Papa Gandi

Ahead of Ghana’s 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary elections, Ghanaian-international Reggae star and poet-Papa Gandi, real name Cecil Chinery has called for peace during and after the elections—-and has decided to push this cause by rejuvenating the peace fever of his 2012 hit song-No War.
Papa Gandi in the song urges all to embrace and take special interest in the promotion of peace, especially Ghanaians as they go to the polls.
As part of his message, Gandi takes a look at some of the war destroyed countries in Africa, citing Sudan, Congo and Liberia as examples Ghanaians should learn from—-and run away from.
Though Pap Gandi’s ‘No War’ song was released in 2012, the message is particularly relevant and therefore reviving the spirit this year is well placed.
During Ghana’s last election, Gandi’s song was played across various TV networks in Ghana as part of a collection of peaceful songs to push the need for peace over chaos, which has somewhat become part of many national elections on the African continent.
Aside ‘No War,’ Papa Gandi has other great songs such as Praise God—and a full album also titled, No War, to be officially released soon.
Papa Gandi will release another peace song in the next few weeks.
In the spirit of electoral peace in Ghana, join us to dance to Papa Gandi’s ‘No War’ below…
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We need PEACE in our country Ghana, the African continent and the whole wide world. NO WAR.

Posted by Papa Gandi on Thursday, 18 February 2016

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