Superstition Run Amok- Three People Arrested In Northern Region For Butchering 60 Year Old Accused ‘Witch’ To Death

really, Ghanaians? You believe a person can get on a broom and fly?
really, Ghanaians? You believe a person can get on a broom and fly?

A populace that fails to grow up and enter a world of civilisation, instead choosing to wallow in superstition and backwards thinking, quite often ends up with such unpleasant results.
A 60 year old woman in Buipe in the Northern Region has been butchered to death for the crime of ‘witchcraft’. The people in the town had accused her of casting spells over it and causing their young people to die, Starrfmonline reports.
Three people therefore raided her house on Saturday, and butchered her to death, the site reports. Apparently she was such a powerful witch that she did not even suspect people in the town were planning her death and she just lay there meekly for them to come and kill her.
The three alleged perpetrators have been arrested by police, whilst fifteen others were also arrested for helping the suspects resist arrest. So even after the townspeople knew what they did, they wanted to protect them because they probably believed the action they took was legitimate.
How sickening is that?
This is a countrywide problem, and not in any way limited to the North. Because belief in God and spirits and demons is widespread in this backwards country, and when you believe these things, it’s a straightforward endeavour to kill someone for having those ‘magic powers’ which you think they can use to harm you.
Although there’s no evidence for any of that. If Ghanaians would just use our brains more to solve problems, rather than use our beliefs to assign blame, then maybe we wouldn’t have to be killing so many old people for imaginary crimes like witchcraft and sorcery.
This is a blot on the conscience of the entire country, because we all play a role in breeding people who hold these abhorrent beliefs. We are in the 21st century, where we can behold the wonders of science in all its glory. There is no need to hold on to primitive beliefs from the infancy of our species when we ourselves are capable of so much more when we use our brains. I never heard of a witch who could fly to Pluto and send us back a hi res picture of it, or a pastor who could predict the exact moment a tornado or hurricane would hit a city.
When you have faith, nothing is improbable, including old people having imaginary powers they use to harm others. That is the root of all our problems, whether we choose to admit it or not.


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