The Most Brainless Post On The Obinim And Okomfo Yaw Saga Was Made By… Diamond Appiah

Obinim at Jubilee Park
Obinim at Jubilee Park

It’s really baffling that a sizeable number of the people we have branded as ‘celebrities’ in this country are as dim as a lighthouse’s bulb in the enveloping darkness.
I would say many of them do not deserve the label of celebrity, but then that would be giving that word a level of gravitas it has no claim to.
It is no secret Diamond Appiah, the most uncouth lady in the country, perhaps second only to Afia Schwarzenegger, is a huge fan of Bishop Obinim. It is also no secret after making this post that she is not too bright, in case that has escaped you before.
Anyway, Obinim showed up at the Jubilee Park in Kumasi earlier today in his absurd crusade to have a spiritual battle against one Okomfo Appiah, who claims to be Obinim’s spiritual mentor.  Okomfo failed to appear, and later explained that it was because police stopped him, after being bribed by Obinim.
As if these two grownups behaving like toddlers wasn’t enough, millions of Ghanaians are apparently taking them seriously, which speaks to another of our big problems concerning our willingness to be duped.
Diamond, in a post on Facebook responding to Okomfo’s allegations of why he failed to turn up, utterly exposed herself (again) as a knucklehead.
Someone failed to tell her the secret, and she apparently believes the whole thing to be a serious battle. She laid into the Okomfo for failing to turn up and blaming Obinim for it.
Hypocritically, she conveniently forgot the time Obinim failed to make an appearance for an earlier battle.
She wrote….

Defeated Okomfour are u still barking with lies from ur waterlog ghetto ?? If u claim to be that powerful then why didn’t u disappear in your room n appear at jubilee park to face the Man of God if u claim the police were obstructing you. infact that alone will have vindicated you to be the most powerful thing on earth. Yet you have the temerity to even accuse the police of bribery without any evidence. I hope Ghana police is reading dis lies being levelled against them too. You have already proven to Ghanaians that ur a powerless attention seeker n a liar.. I Rest my Case!

Wow. She’s probably making sense in the context of the Ghanaians she’s speaking to, but we have to understand on the world stage, where innovation is constantly taking place and new ways to make life better are being thought up, this sort of thinking is not only antithetical, it is patently absurd.
Sadly, Diamond is more a reflection of Ghanaian society than we should be comfortable with.

Defeated Okomfour are u still barking with lies from ur waterlog ghetto ?? If u claim to be that powerful then why didn’…
Posted by Diamond Appiah on Tuesday, 12 April 2016


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