Actor Who Played Agu's Dad In Beasts Of No Nation- Kobina Amissah-Sam Says He Got The Role Ahead Of John Dumelo And Jim Iyke

John Dumelo3
Kobina Amissah-Sam, who played the role of Agu’s (Abraham Attah) dad, has revealed that he won the role ahead of two other heavyweights.
According to him, both John Dumelo and Jim Iyke also auditioned for the role, but ultimately were passed over in his favour.

The highly acclaimed Netflix flick starred young Ghanaian Abraham Attah as the protagonist, Agu, a fun loving child who was gradually hardened into a child soldier as war ravaged his village. It has since propelled Attah to worldwide fame.
Amissah-Sam said one component of his personal style is actually what landed him the gig- his haircut.
“One of the panelists said I had [an] African look and that I would better portray the values they needed to see in Agu’s father in the movie; who was a typical local African community leader and organiser” he said on Hitz Fm.
When asked if he felt jealous that Attah seemed to be the only one getting international fame out of the movie, he added it’s just natural to be a little jealous, but that the important thing is to support Attah is his endeavours.
“I think this is his time and we just have to support him.” he said.


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0 thoughts on “Actor Who Played Agu's Dad In Beasts Of No Nation- Kobina Amissah-Sam Says He Got The Role Ahead Of John Dumelo And Jim Iyke”

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  11. Amissah-Sam really has the African look as they said. I think Jim would hve over done it/ over-acted. lol. And lol at the comment abt John…hmm JD ahunu amane

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