T.B Joshua Reverses Ghana ‘Terrorist Attack’ Prophecy

T.B. Joshua
T.B. Joshua

Head pastor of the Synangogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), T.B Joshua, has reversed his earlier prophecy detailing the increased possibility of a terrorist attack on Ghana.
In his sermon on Sunday (April 17), the so-called prophet said Ghana is off the hook for an attack.
This man’s utterances are very confusing.
Joshua shocked many when he decreed during a sermon just over a week ago that West African neighbours Ghana and Nigeria are at risk of terror attacks, either on a ‘Thursday’ ‘Friday’ or ‘Saturday’. Many people, yours truly included, pointed out that it wasn’t exactly a revelatory message, considering the spate of recent attacks on our closest neighbours. In fact, weeks before his ‘prophecy’, government had increased Ghana’s terror alert and readiness.
Perhaps as a means to guide against looking foolish, Joshua has come out with a contradictory prophecy just a few days later. I mean, is he telling us an omniscient God cannot make up his mind on what would actually happen? Then where is the omniscience?
He said:

I was very very happy with the nation Ghana, they took the bull by the horn and the evil doers put together, are no match for Ghana.
I think the World at large need to learn from the strategy and tactics of Ghana. The nation has been very peaceful, safe nation in West Africa and the World. God will never allow evil doers to prevail in Ghana

That last sentence though. He should come to Ghana and see the standard of living of many of our citizenry. Evil doers are not only external, more often than not, they turn out to be internal- corrupt local leaders, whether political, religious, in business, or any other field of endeavour. Evil-doers have been prevailing in Ghana since time immemorial.
Why anybody listens to this hack is beyond me. Now whatever happens, he would claim that he said it.


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  1. Chris! I believe you’re being hypocritical about this man. When the leak was reported about the potential terrorist threat to the country which allegedly confirmed his prophecies, you never made mention of it but unfortunately you’re being quick to report T.B Joshua’s comments again in your media. I don’t know whether you’re being sarcastic? I am also not sure whether you do selective reportage. Anyway, those are my thoughts……..


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