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US Man Wants To Marry His Laptop As A Means Of Proving How Gay Marriage 'Redefines' Marriage

A Texas man is determined to show the entire world the dangers of gay marriage- and is prepared to marry his laptop to prove it.
For conservatives in the US, who oppose the Supreme Court’s ruling that legalised gay marriage, one of their favourite arguments is that same-s*x marriage redefines the institution of marriage, which they say, historically, has been between one man and one woman.
If now the courts say any two people in love can get married, what stops people from marrying animals, or even now, their laptops?
Chris Sevier of Texas is testing that argument in court now, suing the Harris County district clerk, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton, for denying him the right to marry his Mac Book, which he claims he’s in love in- and who he thinks he should be able to marry under Obergefell vrs Hodges (the landmark gay marriage ruling).
The Houston Press reports….

He is trying to prove that, essentially, marriage between a same-sex couple can be equated to marriage between a man and a machine. He is trying to prove that, under Obergefell v. Hodges, the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case that legalized same-sex marriage, people are now allowed to do morally disgusting things like marry whomever they are attracted to, whether that be inanimate objects or the same gender. Essentially, he is trying to give courts an ultimatum: Agree that this is what they have done and allow him to make vows to a piece of expensive chrome, or, realize that this is morally wrong and undo Obergefell.

Aside Texas, he has filed the same suit in three other states, and is planning to hit twelve more states. His plan is to bombard the courts until one rules in his favour.
Those making these arguments against gay marriage are wrong, of course. Marriage has historically not been one man one woman, as they claim ad nauseam. For most of these bigots, the bible they hold so dear actually has more polygamy in it than monogamy, and historically the concept of one man one wife is relatively modern. And, no, marriage was not invented by God (Christianity), it’s a social institution that the church co-opted. Yahweh has been around for only 6,000 years (by Christian’s own admission), and the institution of marriage is far, far older than that.
On the second argument, that gay marriage is a slippery slope leading towards people marrying animals and laptops, that’s even sillier than saying God invented marriage. Same-s*x couples are two consenting adults- I imagine it would be pretty difficult to prove your cat, or your Mac, have given you permission for you to f*ck them.


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  1. Based on this stupid GC author’s logic then I guess marriage is ok for a mother/daughter, sister/sister, father/son, father/daugher, mother/son and any other such combos and so forth…as long as there’s an agreement between two such “consenting adults.” Where do you draw the line?


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