15 Year Old Boy Detained And Assaulted For Defacing Posters Of The President

Recently we have been hit with stories of National Security possibly using their reach politically, so such a development would be crazy.
It’s unbelievable if Ghana has gotten to the level where people, much less 15 year old boys, would be assaulted by state officials for no reason other than defacing posters.
There are laws against such vandalism, that’s alright- but those can be enforced without feeling a need to assault minors as a means of sending a message?
The father of a 15 year old boy in the Eastern Region is claiming that his son was assaulted by Customs officials at Atimpoku last weekend, allegedly for defacing posters of the President.
The boy was arrested by customs officials, assaulted, and later released for this very minor crime.
Myjoyonline reports…

The boy whose name has been withheld was picked up by Customs officials on Sunday evening, handed over to the Atimpoku Police in the Eastern Region detained for a night and was released late Monday afternoon.
The boy alleged he was beaten up by the Customs officials before he was thrown into the police cells. He has since been feeling pains in his leg after he was allegedly hit with batons.
The minor, told he and his two friends saw parts of the posters defaced on walls close to the Adomi Bridge and they also decided to tear the other part.
He said they were playing with the torn posters when two Customs Officials appeared on the scene chased and arrested him around 7:00 pm Sunday evening. The two others  escaped.
He said he was thrown into the police cell where he spent the night alone crying all night.
“When they sent me into the cell they locked me up. I was in the cell alone. i cried all night,” he said, adding, “i didn’t eat in the night” because he did not  feel like eating.
According to him, the police suspected that he was sent to deface the posters of president John Mahama and vowed to send him to court.
He denied being sent by anyone but admitted tearing part of the already torn posters. He said he did not know tearing posters was a crime.
Under the country’s electoral laws “It is an offence to destroy, remove or disfigure campaign materials of other candidates or parties.”
Several attempts by the grandmother of the minor to have him released from police failed.
He was later released Monday afternoon around 3:00 pm after the intervention by the Assembly man in the area.


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