CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Tiwa Savage’s Marriage Brouhaha | Why Is Any SHOCKED Especially When We Said the Marriage Will FAIL & It Just Did…

Tee Billz and Tiwa Savage
Tee Billz and Tiwa Savage

It’s shocking how people miss the obvious and throw hope into a hopeless room in an attempt to redeem a looming disaster.
On the day of Tiwa Savage’s wedding in Dubai about two years ago, GhanaCelebrities.Com published an article on the back of rumours that the female musician was footing the entire bill of her luxurious fairy tale wedding to her then manager/boyfriend-TeeBillz.
The article stated among other things that;
“When two people decide to do something, there must be equal chip-ins, if that can be done. However, if one is blessed with more than the other, nothing spoils the fun for the blessed one to take up more of the load—and that’s just as far as I will go.
Tiwa’s situation is an internet gossip and we cannot jump on that to make a substantive case but I know of two people in real life who literally bought MEN with their money, and paid for the wedding—including the ring and even the boxer shorts these men wore.
For me, the above is not LOVE and a very risky enterprise. Buying a man’s commitment with money may be great in the short term but eventually, the dust will settle and things will get chaotic.”
The truth at the time was and still remains that; Tiwa Savage managed to buy a man with her fame and ‘riches’—a man who was said to have already started a family with another woman ditched his partner and children for a life of glam with the celebrity.
A lot of people especially women are forcing a ring onto their fingers when they themselves are not ready for the commitment the rings demand and also when their partners are not in the position to fulfill their responsibilities and commitment under the honor of those rings.
What started as an internet rumour and turned into a hacked instagram account story has proven to be true. Indeed, Tiwa Savage and her husband are on the neck of each other and even though there are two stories being told by each of them, we think the truth sits bare in their words.
A marriage built on desperation, snatching and one sided financial strength as well as clashing egos would hardly last. It’s inevitable that such a marriage will break down and this was the true state of Tiwa Savage’s marriage.
Showbiz is a crazy industry; players want money and fame and would mostly do anything including pulling their own pants to sleep with those capable of dishing to them these two things. It is therefore not shocking or new that Tiwa Savage is alleged to have been sleeping around with Don Jazzy and others—this is a taint capable of depressing even the strongest husband.
When such a dent is backed by long privately endured disrespect and contemptuous treatments such as what Tiwa’s ‘husband’ claims he was receiving from his own wife, then the necessary ingredients for breakdown are in full force.
You can argue the alternative and probably say that’s not how it should be—but most African men are psychologically placed to dominate marriages, a position which can only be well occupied in our contemporary zeitgeist when a large amount of the union’s daily money flows from the man’s pocket or bank account.
A broke man and a broken heart are not far apart in our part of the world. They are always friends if not brothers…
It’s true that Tiwa’s now estranged husband invested in her career and perhaps thought whatever the returns would be from his investments and dedication would be for the two of them. But there’s a total difference between ‘something for us’ and ‘something for me’.
In this case, Tiwa Savage remained the obvious beneficiary of the cruel joint hustle—and with a dwindling financial strength on the part of Tee Billz while Tiwa’s bank balance kept soaring just as her career, Tee Billz lost his position in the discourse as a man, one worthy of being listened to or being given the requisite attention…
Marriages have become so important in the lives of many young Africans who forget that it should not just be about the getting together but the ability to hold the union in comfort is what is really of essence.
Right from Adam, Tiwa and Tee had piercing hovering issues which every reasonable person in the known without the prophetic help of T. B Joshua could deduce that unless the disproportion and the dust of the industry they found themselves in settled quickly, they had no chance in sustaining their marriage.
It’s not shocking that Tee Billz, despite his contradictory public appearances has been long battling depression. Nothing can swiftly plunge a man into depression as quickly as financial constriction, especially when it robs you off of your dignity as a man in a marriage or a relationship.
Money may not really be important when it comes to LOVE but this thing called love from which marriage stems from flourishes beautifully on the wheels of money, compromise and conscious efforts to place family above fame or riches.
The conversations and developments so far seem to suggest that, career, public image and money meant more to Tiwa Savage than her marriage and family. Perhaps, the latter meant more to Tee Billz because there was nothing else in the enterprise for him—he had no fame and had lost his ‘little’ money.
It’s deeply tear-jerking that the young marriage of these two has ended this way but it was inevitable—and it’s also disturbing as to how they have washed their dirty linen in public.
Of course, Tee Billz’s instagram posts were embarrassing, a reason why the whole hacked account story soon followed. But what’s even more confusing and pathetic is the rush intervie Tiwa Savage granted—probably a confirmation of what Tee has been saying; that Tiwa cares so much about her public image than even her own marriage and family.
What was the purpose of that superfluous interview if not to solely redeem her somewhat dented image?
Marriage ought to reside in a pit of deep compromise; this was apparently missing from Tiwa’s marriage—and those rumours of her being a cheap slut who will do whatever for fame and money have been spreading for years in the industry.
Are we shocked that this marriage has broken down? Of course NOT—in fact, it has taken longer than we expected it to dramatically crash.
Don’t be fooled or misled, it’s not all that glitters is even a gold dust—a lot of these people are living in a perpetual marriage hell, unknown to their spectators and admirers.
Now that Tiwa Savage has admitted that her seemingly plush and perfect marriage is a façade and developments have confirmed this, let’s hope others learn from it—there’s no rush to be a Mrs if you are not ready to compromise on the fundamentals.
“I’ve covered up for so long. I wanted people to believe this story of TJ is the one that takes care of me. TJ is the head of the house. TJ is a loving husband. TJ is the one that made me and took me from nothing to something. I wanted people to believe that. I wanted him to feel like a man. I covered up so many time,” Tiwa said in her interview.
That’s shocking and sad— but it’s the truth, the reality beyond the façade.


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  1. This is terrible and a wake up call to all the women who just want marriage marriage. People who look at others and cry. It’s never really shiny as it seems. As you said, Tiwa’s interview to me was unnecessary. You shopped for your man so what? Has he never shopped for you since you people met? Jokers

  2. Very sad, but yeah the major thing is “it should not just be about the getting together but the ability to hold the union in comfort” as Chris noted!


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