Ex-Girlfriend of A Guy About to Marry the Daughter of Dr. Abu Sakara Says the Guy is A Waste, A Womanizer, Into Drugs & More…So Abu Sakara 'Should Protect His Daughter'

Dr. Abu Sakara

Disclaimer: All the content of this E-mail sent by a GhanaCelebrities.Com reader remain allegations and opinions of the sender, nothing has been confirmed and therefore should be treated as such.
GhanaCelebrities.Com is not statutory or otherwise liable for the opinions expressed by the writer—they remain solely her opinions. 
Perhaps, Nigerian musician-Tiwa Savage heard something like this before marrying her now estranged husband-Tee Billz but she ignored it. And most women or families will ignore such warnings without even giving it the slightest investigative dose.
An E-mail (below) received from a young woman who claims to be 24 alleges that, the daughter of Dr. Abu Sakara Foster, former CPP’s flagbearer is about to sell herself into an unending misery by marrying a guy called Ray (aka: Shuga), who’s everything nasty and a non-husband material.
The writer alleges that, this “Ray Akofio-Sowah is an opportunist, drug smoker, womanizer and a big player.”
The content of the E-mail remains mere allegations, as GhanaCelebrities.Com cannot establish the veracity or otherwise of it—but surely, this is worth the Sakara’s family taking a note and commencing an investigation into the conduct or background of the man they are about to give their ‘sweet’ daughter to if this has not been keenly done already…
Following what we just learnt from the Tiwa Savage’s marriage quarters, such pre-marital warnings, irrespective of how suspicious or weird they sound should not be prudently be ignored.
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This post was published on April 30, 2016 11:15 PM

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