Lydia Forson On Circulation Of Amanda Acquah’s S*x Tape: ‘Stop This Nonsense!’ (Video)

Amanda Acquah
Amanda Acquah

Lydia Forson must fancy herself a seer (and a pretty good one too) – because a few hours after she penned a piece railing against how women often turn out to be their own worst enemies, a leaked s*x tape vindicated her a million times over.
Amanda Acquah, ex-wife of Black Stars midfielder Afriyie, become the subject of public ridicule after a s*x tape of hers leaked, one she says she sent to her husband whilst they were married and which was leaked by his current girlfriend to get back at her.
In a follow up video to her blog post, Forson has come out strongly to denounce the act of leaking the video, and even more strongly, the circulation of it.

Forson, in a short clip posted on her YouTube page, denounces the act, and calls on Ghanaians to exercise restraint in sharing it, as it could be anyone of us the next time such a scandal breaks. She ends by calling on women to support each other and stop devouring themselves, especially when they have bigger battles to fight.
Check out her video below….


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0 thoughts on “Lydia Forson On Circulation Of Amanda Acquah’s S*x Tape: ‘Stop This Nonsense!’ (Video)”

  1. Amanda has made several false claims before so why should we believe her when she says it is her husbands girlfriend who circulated the video? If your husband is already angry with you and has walked out on you, what makes you think he cannot be the one to share the video on the Internet to embarrass you? Lydia doesn’t know the dynamics of their marriage because she was never invited inside so she should stop thinking she can analyze everyone and every situation. I don’t agree with this new trend of circulating sexy apes whether it’s by a man or a woman, it’s wrong.
    Did Lydia herself not recently condemn and judge another woman (Hamamat) for publicly apologizing when she herself realized she exposed herself too much at the VGMA. To me Lydia likes to play devil’s advocate but she is also a huge hypocrite and uses controversy to seek media attention since movie roles are just not flowing in her life.

    • Lydia does have a tendency to get out of order a lot. I was particularly shocked when she said her blood was boiling because Hamamat apologized. Then she deleted the post after she got lashed big time.
      It’s almost like Lydia feels she is the only female in Gh with a voice. Clearly she has a lot of time to spare

      • My dear if you ever believe celebs have a perfect marriage then waye woho.Listen to their interviews,it goes like:’He/she is perfect,We are best friends,we can’t leave without each other etc.But whilst some have good marriages it’s never as ‘perfect’ as portrayed and at the end of the day these same perfect marriages are the same ones breaking down.Am married myself so for me,I know it when they are exaggerating but pity those unmarried as they may believe their lies,expect perfect marriages too but at the end of the day get normal marriages.Then they think my marriage has not worked out or is bad whilst the problem is not with your marriage but rather higher expectations from the marriage which exists nowhere.

  2. Amanda invoked curses on her own head when she came after Mona with that audio. Mona had never uttered a single insult to Amanda and Infact Mona didn’t even reply to the derogatory audio.
    Mona was closer to Amanda’s own son than Amanda herself but out because of envy and jealousy of Mona and Kenpong, Amanda publicly humiliated Mona. Today look at what is happening? Mona is happy, engaged to a fantastic man in the United states and has a given birth to a beautiful baby girl while Amanda is contemplating suicide….there is a God indeed!!!

  3. Amanda you deserve everything that is happening. Were you also not a woman with blood in your veins when you ruthlessly and shamefully abused Mona verbally and the audio went viral.
    What goes around comes around you b!tch…with your filthy attitude other women will continue to take all your husband until you work on your tongue and your lies.
    Karma in your face Amanda….now you feel what Mona felt!


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