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Answer Just These 2 Questions to WIN VIP & Standard Tickets to the 6th 'Tigo Ghana Meets Naija' Concert…Happening on May 21

Tigo Ghana Meets Naija 2016
Tigo Ghana Meets Naija 2016

It’s that time of the year again when music lovers in Ghana get to be served with great performances from some of Ghana and Nigeria’s finest and trending musicians—it’s Tigo Ghana Meets Naija.
Dubbed the “Battle of the Tribes”, this year’s Tigo Ghana Meets Naija concert promises to be superb, electrifying and an improvement on the musical excellence of the previous years. It’s Ghana’s biggest annual concert for a reason; it ROCKS…
To make it extra fun and ignite the fire of musical rivalry this year, the two groups of musicians representing Ghana and Nigeria have been tagged ‘TRIBES’—and Ghana’s tribal assault on Nigeria will be led by the only current potent candidate, the King of dancehall-Shatta Wale, with Nigeria’s Flavour also leading his tribesmen.
E.L, Pappy Kojo and several others will stand tall behind Shatta Wale—while Mr. Eazi and Harry Song will be throwing heavy musical punchlines their way to score Nigerians the winning points.
Tickets are selling for GHs 100 for Upper Deck and GHs 150 for VIP—you can buy your tickets from the offices of Starr FM, Live FM and Empire Entertainment.
You can also call 057 009 5755 for your VVIP ticket reservation or ticket delivery which comes with complimentary bottles of fine Wines and Vodkas—you wouldn’t get this anywhere, not even in Russia where Vodka comes a little cheaper.
As usual, the concert is powered by Empire Entertainment and sponsored by UniBank Ghana Ltd, Euro Star Limousines, Oak Plaza Hotel, Africa World Airlines, Ennovate, Electroland Ghana and brought to you by Tigo.
This year’s ‘Tigo Ghana Meets Naija’ concert will be held on Saturday, 21st May at the Accra International Conference Centre.
How to WIN FREE VIP & Standard Tickets
GhanaCelebrities.Com is giving out 5 tickets ( 3 VIPs and 2 Standards) to our valued readers, courtesy of our long standing partnership with Empire Entertainment. And to win any of these tickets, kindly answer the below questions;

  1. Mention one of the key sponsors of this year’s Tigo Ghana Meets Naija concert, apart from the headline sponsor-Tigo
  2. Visit CustomerDiscuss.Com, read one of the many articles on there and come back here to do this: mention the article you read and tell us what you think.

This competition closes on 19th May, 2015—please when commenting, use your real-email address as we will contact you via mail to give you the ticket should you be randomly selected as a winner.


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0 thoughts on “Answer Just These 2 Questions to WIN VIP & Standard Tickets to the 6th 'Tigo Ghana Meets Naija' Concert…Happening on May 21”

  1. 1. UniBank Ghana Ltd. 2. My comment is on Airtel Ghana not
    informing customers when bundle is exhausted and automatically switches you to Pay As You Go. I think if you subscribe to a bundle and it’s exhausted, it is only reasonable that the network company keeps you informed because you might have other USE for your main credit, and besides we all know using your credit to browse is very expensive sometimes three
    times the charge when you are not on any data package. Most network in Ghana should alert us and stop this smart way of taking our credit unnecessarily. I don’t even know what they stand to loose with a simple alert and the alert should also inform you of the charge in case you are ready to take the risk and switch to pay as you go to access your internet. I rest my case here. Thank you.

  2. 1. Africa World Airlines. 2.My comment is on Ghana National Communication Authority must be crazy/NCA is contemplating on Banning WhatsApp,Viber & others because MTN and others say they are loosing money.
    Well NCA must indeed be crazy as well as the Telecom companies. Accessing those social network is certainly not for free. If you don’t have credit or data you cannot access those sites and customers buy the data or credit with money so what are they talking about. Especially for MTN data calls are so expensive, you dare not make the mistake of using your MTN line to make Skype or Viber call if you are not on any data bundle and even on the bundle your data runs extremely faster,so their argument of loosing money is neither here nor there.If MTN and the other Telcos do not have anything good to offer to their customers, they shouldn’t make things worse. They shouldn’t pour more Sand into our Gari. Thank you.

  3. 1.Africa World Airlines is another key sponsor.
    2.I would like to comment on Newly Opened ‘LE MUST’ Restaurant at the Accra Mall..
    Wow..Firstly, some people will straight ahead call it hypocrisy but to me this is real IGNORANCE. Is he a “MAN OF GOD”? Where in the Bible does the good book speaks against men of God selling wine or Christians as a whole. Even Jesus Christ in his own wisdom during the wedding at Cana in Galilee (John 2:1-11) turned six stone water jars into wine. Or was Jesus wrong in doing that? Again at the LAST SUPPER ,bread (unleavened) and WINE were present.
    Jesus is said to have passed both around the table, telling his
    Apostles that the bread was his body and the WINE was his blood.(Luke 22:7-38)
    Secondly, “he does not sell wine because he is a “pastor” but then goes to buy from a different shop for you..”LOL this defeats his intention. Its just like you not wanting to kill someone because you are a man of God but then you give a knife to someone to do the killing.. If so, then he should stop taking offerings at church. Ask him where he made such money to open ‘LE MUST’ Restaurant. After all he is doing it for the sake of God so he must give out food freely at ‘LE MUST’ Restaurant.
    Nsem hunu ne dorrso! Pastors these days paid more than teachers and nurses, and nobody questions it from the pew and the benches. Who deserves the blame? Ourselves..

  4. (1) The main Sponsor is UniBank
    (2) I’m commenting on ‘Newly Opened ‘LE MUST’ Restaurant At the Accra Mall Does Not Sell Wine Because the Owner is A Pastor But They Take Your Money to Go and Buy the Wine from Next Shop for You’ as the rest has been overemphasized. I think it’s really stupid because as a Christian, the bible do not discourage the intake of alcohol. It advises you take it in moderation. At a time when Timothy was ill, the apostle Paul even advised him to stop drinking water and use some wine also. I was there with a friend few days ago prior to reading your article and I experienced it also. I had to leave with my friend because we felt embarrassed. I will sure not go to a place where the bible and religious beliefs are used as mask to pratice ones ignorant and totally being stupid at the same time.

  5. 1. UniBank
    2.My view on Airtel Ghana is Not Informing Customers When Bundle is Exhausted & Automatically Switches You to Pay As You Go. As long as you have subscribe to a bundle they have to alert on a number of times as they alert users when their airtime is cut to certain amount and when it is about to finish. So i suggest they should do so for every subscription user makes, they cannot just deduct your credit without letting the user know why they taking it or what services he or she is been charge for. The telecommunications should serve their customers well because we pay for whatever services they render to us.

  6. 1.One of the key sponsors of the concert is Oak Plaza Hotel. 2. I’m commenting on the newly opened ‘Le Must’ restaurant at the Accra Mall does not sell wine because the owner is a pastor but they take your money to go and buy the wine from next shop for you. I am a Christian but I honestly do not think there is anything wrong in selling wine at a restaurant unless the pastor wants to proof that he is holier than the man all Christians follow, Jesus’s first miracle was turning water into wine, and again during the last supper he served the deciples wine which is a symbolism of His Blood and till date most churches serve wine during communion in remembrance of Christ. The pastor doesn’t sell wine but takes wine during communion service.Hmmmm

  7. Unibank
    Le must Restaurant at the Accra Mall does not sell wine because the owner is a pastor but they take your money to go get it from next shop…First of all restaurants are opened not to serve ourselves but to serve others and as such one has to provide services the customers want.
    The pastor shouldn’t have entered into such business if he feels he can’t meet customer demand per his religion, Or should put a sign telling passerbys he only sell to Christians.
    I believe the pastor does not know his stuff sell to the customers from the next shop. The stuff might feel the need to provide whatever the customers need and go on to do so, but if the pastor knows of this then he might as well sell them and stop fooling himself. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case because 99% of pastors in Ghana are hypocrites and stupid…

  8. 1. Electroland Ghana
    2. My comment on Ghana’s National Communication Authority Must Be Crazy | The NCA is Contemplating On Banning WhatsApp, Viber & Others Because MTN and Others Say They Are Losing Money. I become surprised when learned and educated individuals occupying positions of such institutions such as NCA plans to make some decisions, it amuses me whether they really know their jobs. To the Telecommunication Networks are they not charging for data we purchase to use it to these calls and because they gain more from airtime calls they fear of losing money because WhatsApp, Viber and other means of communications has become common, SMH. They should realise that people are embracing technology and that what the world is turning to. That’s really lame from both institutions, I suggest they should think otherwise. Thank You


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