Ghanaians Should Leave Amanda Acquah Alone- If God Used Pharaoh He Can Also Use Her

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Amanda Acquah has come under severe criticism from her fellow Ghanaians, as in an attempt to come out stronger out of the scandal she’s currently mired in, she went in for the Ghanaian defacto rationalisation of God having a use for her in future.
Generally what happens in this country is that someone f*cks up, they get in trouble, and then to generate some sympathy and or rationalise whatever they’ve done, they invoke the almighty ‘G’ word; and more often than not, it works.
Surprisingly, Amanda Acquah, who is somewhat of a victim in this whole s*xtape saga, is not getting any breaks for invoking God. The reaction has been one of condemnation for her daring to sully the name of the almighty creator of the Universe by saying he can use her for his glory one day.
She shared an uplifting photo with the caption: “God will use me for his testimony one day!! I shall not die but live, and proclaim what the lord has done”
The swift condemnation she’s receiving is really baffling. That’s because if you follow the logic of Christianity to its conclusion, there is no earthly reason why Amanda should be condemned for what she said.
The bible makes it clear Jesus came for the sinners and not the righteous, but it seems we all missed that memo. Some of Jesus’ best friends were the harlots that people were always self righteously condemning.
Besides, the bible is pretty clear on judging, but everybody ignores that anyway.
But the biggest case of cognitive dissonance surrounding those descending upon Amanda’s words is about the fact that God’s power is not limited in any way according to Christians, and he used people in the bible who were far worse than Amanda Acquah. And seeing as no human knows God’s plans, (the famous God works in mysterious ways saying), it seems a tad presumptuous to go around talking about what he can and cannot do.
In the bible, a blind man was kept blind all throughout his life by our celestial father, presumably so Jesus could heal him one day and claim all the glory for God. Pharaoh had his heart hardened by God so he could use him to display God’s power later- hardening his heart so he would refuse the Israelites their request to travel and God would use that as an excuse to kill all the firstborns in Egypt.
God uses all sorts of people in the bible. Saul, who later became Paul, had  done far worse things than Amanda has ever done and would ever do. It’s simply hypocritical to read the bible and believe all these but then pile on Amanda for simply stating something that in theology, should be feasible.
The whole bible is hogwash, of course, one of just several pieces of ancient mythology; but if you decide to believe in it you might as well go the whole mile. In a universe with an omnipotent being, it’s ludicrous to confidently declare something as impossible- such as God using an insignificant speck like Amanda Acquah to declare his glory.

Godwin Nii-Armah Okine, Managing Editor
Godwin Nii-Armah Okine, the holder of a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies, is the Managing Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com. He also serves as Founding Editor of Innonews24.Com, Religious Affairs Editor of BrutallyUncensored.Com and a Social Media Influencer and content creator for Via Fame PR. Godwin is a secular humanist who believes the biggest problem affecting Ghana is a penchant for groupthink. We all need to think for ourselves and not be too invested in the status quo. He believes every idea is open to scrutiny and nothing is 'sacred'. His personal motto is you can do anything you set your mind to. Find him on Facebook at Nii Smiley Byte and on Twitter @moonbyte. Contact +233 54 369 9415 or email [email protected]


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