PHOTO: Pastor Caught Red-Handed Banging A Married Woman In Her Matrimonial Bed

The founder and leader of the Apostolic Good News Church International, Apostle Doglas Akwesi Amanoris, was having the time of his life with one of his female church members when the woman’s husband decided to interrupt the jovial proceedings.
As is all too often the case, the good pastor was found not to be practicing what he was literally preaching, and unluckily for him some photos were taken by the aggrieved party, hard evidence of his hypocrisy and double standards.
Mr Thomas Adjei, of the EMEFS Estate in Lashibi, had the shock of his life when he returned to his home one day to find his wife Mrs Mina Adjei- with whom he was having a few marital issues- on their matrimonial bed, enjoying herself with her pastor.
The aggrieved husband, married to his wife for nine years with two kids, took some photos of the encounter, and narrated his story to the New Crusading Guide.
According to him, he and his wife were encountering some issues due to her domineering attitude, issues they had tried solving several times to no avail.
He said the rent on their estate apartment was expiring, and whilst he planned to move the family out to save costs, his wife said she would stay there with her ‘uncle’, who had graciously decided to pay the rent.
So he moved out, and was returning one day for his things when he discovered them. According to him, he ran into his sister in law at the house.13267693_10154887346054196_7975163353020670098_n
“I greeted and entered the house as the man of the house and walked straight to our master-bedroom to knock on our bedroom door. But as I knocked for long minutes without any response at all, I decided to push the door to see what was wrong with my wife in there, because her sister had already confirmed that she was inside.” he told the newspaper.
“As soon as I pushed the door opened, my wife rushed out to push it back aganst me! Wow, what is happening here- I wondered at her attitude? This gave me the idea to suspect that something fishy was definitely going on in the room, so I decided to force the door open to enter at all cost. I then forced the door back on her, and lo and behold, here was a thick-tall dark man naked on my own materimonial bed with my wife in my room! How else could a man be traumatized in his life than this?”
He said the incident shocked him to the core, to the extent that the only thing he could do was applaud them sarcastically.
After a while, he decided to take photos of the encounter, but his wife seemed desperate to protect whatever shred of dignity the pastor had left.
“…My shameless wife suddenly pounced on me in an attack and tore my clothes to prevent me from taking the pictures, but when she realised she couldn’t stop me, she rather ran to her so-called daddy of a pastor and stared covering his face with the man’s underwears- shouting, ‘Daddy don’t allow him to take ur face!”, he added.
According to him, he reported the case to the police, who arrested the pair and granted them bail. The Lashibi Vivian Farm Police confirmed the case to the paper, but declined to comment on it.


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