John Paintsil is Seriously Considering Divorce | An INSIDER Tells GhanaCelebrities.Com

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John Paintsil
John Paintsil

After having spent a second time in police cells, together with the on-going marital chaos allegedly being caused by John Paintsil’s wife, GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told that, the footballer is seriously considering serving Riychlove Paintsil with divorce papers.
Richlove is said to have for many years tormented the former-Black Stars player, such that she even caused his South Africa soccer contract to be terminated—but in all these, the footballer has listened to friends and family’s advice to work things out with his wife because of their three children.
Interestingly, it seems the recent complaint of theft brought by Riychlove against John, which ended John Paintsil at the East Legon Police station—leading to an alleged assault of the station’s commander has pushed the footballer to protect the little bit of his dignity left by ending their over decade marriage which is largely clothed in problems.
“John and Riychlove have been through a lot together but Riychlove has caused a lot of hell in John’s life, she has literally thrown him into cells twice—and has even packed her stuff out of her matrimonial home. So John has actually been pushed to his limit and his family is even tired of the nonsense, therefore he is seriously considering divorce,” a source close to the family told GhanaCelebrities.Com.
In an exclusive interview with John Pintail’s sister-Tina Paintsil while John was in police cells on Wednesday, she mentioned among other things that, Richlove Paintsil has become a pain in John’s butt—and has been causing him unending problems, as well as stealing his money and properties.
With all that we’ve been told and heard, it seems divorce is at the corner.

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