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4 ANNOYING ‘TROTRO’ Happenings | If You Can't Take the Heat…Get the Hell Out of the Kitchen.

Trotro in Ghana
Trotro in Ghana

I cannot even begin to imagine myself in those medieval ages where people had to tire their fragile legs just to move from one destination to the other since the foot was if not the only means of transportation.
Today, there is a lot more ways to convey goods and persons to and from their respective destination. In Ghana, the mention of trotro or troski if you want to dot must ring just one bell, thus public transport.
Irrespective of how good or bad the vehicle is, once it falls within the criteria be assured that it’s rightly earned the name. Trotro I have always said is a Ghanaian living bread, a true ‘delicacy’.
The ordinary Ghanaian boards this vehicle each and everyday. Pardon my blasphemy but trotro is omnipresent, it is everywhere, anytime, and anyday.
Trotro is omnipotent, unless drivers are on some sort of strike because in all my life, never have I seen nor heard a shortage of trotro.
Trotro is omniscient, it could actually make itself available when one is in dire need like a rainy day.
The attributes accorded these vehicles highlight the relevance of it to the ordinary Ghanaian . Although trotro is Ghanaian jollof, a lot happen in them that leave you nauseated with swearing of never boarding one again.
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