Tema Community 5 Residents At Risk Of Flooding This Rainy Season- NADMO

Apparently Ghanaians do not believe in making hay while the sun shines, instead we wait for a mishap to occur before we try to find solutions to a problem that has been lurking in the light all along. Pathetically, that is the country we live in.
The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO),  is crippled with fear for the brewing floods set to grip the Tema township with the onset of the rains. NADMO has estimated that over 70,000 lives would be at risk, excluding properties.
Speaking to Joy News, Tema NADMO Coordinator, Hadjia Zenab Abdullah said the danger has come about because of human activities.
“It is individuals or companies who are busy filling the lagoon which is supposed to contain the water coming from the up-streams and the community.” She said.
“How can the water be expected to gather and settle down in the lagoon whilst we do everything to block it?” she bemoaned.
Why would any sane person be in a room whose roof is on fire when they have the option to get out? Only a mad man would sleep peacefully  when his house is on fire.
For his part, the Chief Executive of Tema Metropolitan Assembly, Isaac Ashai  said the practice has come to the notice of the Assembly and they are mapping the area to identify those individuals and companies encroaching on the lagoon.
Does it mean these bodies were in the dark to the malpractices that plagued the township? Or this problem coincided with the rainy season. Finding answers to such questions is difficult.
No one finds delight in reproaching anyone, but when people do not do what they are tasked to do, it is only right to lob criticisms at them. I am not craving misfortune, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the one year anniversary of June 3rd celebrates itself.


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