THE BIG QUESTION: Is it Possible For A Male and Female to Genuinely Be ‘JUST FRIENDS’?


How many of us out there have a very close friend who happens to be of the opposite sex?

How many of us out there know that said friendships are genuinely platonic? How many of us are then faced with the constant barrage of teasing, sexual innuendoes and rife speculation when it comes to these GENUINE FRIENDSHIPS with members of the opposite sex?

I can definitely answer yes to all of the above. I’m one of those females who prefers the company of males (and no not because I fancy them, or I’m a slut, or any of the other ridiculous allegations I have had to face before)- I prefer to socialise with males because I find them more ‘drama-free’.

Now I’m not inferring that there aren’t men out there whose drama queen antics could give Kurt from ‘Glee’ a run for his money- I’m just saying I believe (from my own personal experiences), that there is a higher percentage of drama, gossip and just hassle that comes from socialising with females, as opposed to that of males. Hence why most of my friends are males.

Purely because of this personal choice I opted to make for myself in order to live a hassle-free life, I’ve been met with constant quips and sexual innuendo laced remarks when I tell someone about my close friendship with “my boys”.

“I bet you fancy each other”-no. “You two must have had a ‘thing’ in the past”- no. “You guys must be friends with benefits”- no. NO, NO, and NO! Seriously, why is it so hard for society to accept that a male and a female can genuinely be close friends, without any physical attraction?

To me, it seems like the only time an opposite sex friendship seems to be unquestioned (and by that I mean not inundated with statements filled with sexual insinuations) is when the male is a homosexual and the female is heterosexual.

Newsflash people- heterosexual males and females can actually be JUST FRIENDS with each other. Furthermore (just to further break it down to those at the back still rolling their eyes and muttering “yeah right” under their breath), the heterosexual females with heterosexual male close friends are even capable of being sweet and kind to the wives/girlfriends of said male friends.

It’s the 21st century people- guys and girls can be just friends without wanting to get into each other’s knickers!!

Do you believe a male and female can be just friends?


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