FOUR Ghanaian Towns With Sexually Suggestive Names | 'SOWUTUOM' Made the List

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Koforidua Township
Koforidua Township

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance”-Confucius.
One cannot over rule the fact that we are all subjected to ‘ignoramity’ at one point in our lives. Cities and towns often times are named based historical happenings.
Some of these names just do not make sense but others play games on our ‘perverted’ minds. There is nothing new under this sun but this time around the sun beat you to it dear reader.
Can you gallantly admit that you knew these towns had sexually suggestive names?
A surburb in Accra and the capital of the Ga Municipal Assembly with a population of about 19,000.
Sowutuom which literally means hold your gun brings a lot of thought to mind. In our local expression when someone tells you to hold your gun, it comes off as a summon of caution.
However for prudence sake, some parents use the “gun” to substitute the d*ck. Without even thinking far, I bet 9 out of 10 unarmed men would hold their pen*s when they are asked to hold their gun.
The gun connote power and what could be more powerful than the pen*s? The next time you hear of Sowutuom, think beyond the name.
And oh, the area is flooded with “chop bars and beer bars” so when next you toe that lane, be sure to get served.

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