GC EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: How John Paintsil & Richlove Met in Israel | Richlove Was Broke, A Nobody, She Was Deported & MORE

John Paintsil and Richlove
John Paintsil and Richlove

Perhaps after listening to the below audio from Mr. Isaac Asiedu, a FIFA Licensed agent who first took former Black Stars player-John Paintsil to Israel, where he met his wife-Richlove Paintsil about a decade ago, you would find it even more shocking as to why their marriage has become this chaotic—on the back of the things allegedly being done by Richlove.
According to Mr. Asiedu who spoke to GhanaCelebrities.Com, he is ashamed and somewhat amazed that Richlove, whom John Paintsil literally and metaphorically picked from the gutters has today become this vicious woman, subjecting the footballer to all manner of accusations and ill-treatments.
Apparently, when John Paintsil met Richlove, she did not even have a common mobile phone. She was spotted crying; John then approached her to find out what the matter could be.
It was a humble beginning—soon after they met, Richlove was deported from Israel to Ghana.
And even after her deportation, John stood by her side to the extent that he threatened the football club he was playing for in Israel at the time that if Richlove, then called Comfort was not brought back to Israel, he was not going to play anymore.
The developments after John managed to bring Richlove back to Israel is interesting—the fact that he lost his club seemingly because of the non-playing threats he served all for the sake of Richlove somewhat shows that the now turned sour love was at the time flourishing and beautiful.
Since Richlove does not work and has never worked since she met John Paintsil, Mr. Asiedu asked the obvious; how could someone who has never worked buy a car for John Paintsil to steal it?
John Paintsil and Richlove made headlines last week—owning to the fact that, he was locked at the East Legon Police Station for allegedly assaulting a police officer after his wife brought a car theft complaint against him.
Following this incident, GhanaCeleberities.Com spoke to Tina Paintsil, a big sister of John, who emphatically told us that, the complaint brought against her brother was bogus—because, the car under contention was bought by John Paintsil, only that the wife later forged things and got the car into her name.
Tina mentioned among other things that, Richlove Paintsil has become a pain in John’s butt—and has been causing him unending problems, as well as stealing his money and properties.
Today, we get to hear from Mr. Asiedu who was there when it all started and knows Richlove inside out.
Listen to the audio below…


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