`Kumasi Sakawa Boy’s Ghc 1bn Jackpot Encourages Colleagues To Flee The Classroom And Join The Game

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Sakawa Boy
Sakawa Boy

We’re all humans, and therefore it’s difficult to see someone get rich through a shortcut and not feel any inclination to try that short cut for yourself.
But acquiring this inherent selfishness at JHS level seems just a tad too worrying.
Students at the King Faisal Islamic junior high school in Suame, among others, have been hit with this epidemic of children abandoning the classroom to try their hands at the Sakawa game, usually during class hours.
Starrfmonline reports one of the students of these schools managed to score close to a Ghc 1bn from the online scams, which seems to have galvanised all the other kids to rush and try their hands at it.
According to teachers of the King Faisal school, the development is affecting studies and creating problems for the teachers.
“This kind of Sakawa thing that has come, we have some children who were here and have not finished and they have won money so they have stopped coming. There was one guy here called Sammy he won almost GHC1 billion and now he is gone to Germany.” One teacher, Michael Womowura, told EIB’s Ultimate FM.
He entreated for a law banning the operation of cafes during class hours.
“So now a days, if you go into every internet café, the children are there looking for fast money. Now they know that they can win money so we are begging the government to make laws to shut internet cafes from the morning till about 2:30pm.
“As we speak, if you go to the internet cafe right now you will see the students there looking for money and if a teacher should go there and stop them, they will embarrass and hoot at you. And because you are just one person you cannot do anything about it and not even the Police are willing to stop them,” he added.
It sounds troublesome indeed, that JHS students seem obsessed with making quick money, via any means necessary, at the expense of their studies. That’s not a good combination for our future.

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