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The Rise of the ‘Side-Chicks’: Reasons Why Some Women Love to Be Side-Chicks

Proud Sidechick
Proud Sidechick

A ‘side-chick’- as defined on Urban Dictionary- is: “the other woman; also known as the mistress; a female that is neither a male’s wife or girlfriend, who has relations with the male whilst he is in another relationship.”
I’ve heard a lot of worse names for side-chicks- booty call, speed-dial hoe, whorellas, I mean the list is endless. The reason why I am aware of some of the many different names for side-chicks is because I know A LOT of females who are exactly that- side-chicks. I prefer to use the term ‘mistress’ as I feel it sounds slightly less derogatory.
Personally, I do not see what the appeal is; why would you want to be second-class? Why would you want to be someone’s ‘go-to’ woman?
Surely you’re worse than a prostitute cause at least they’re getting paid for what they do! But hey ho (no pun intended), what do I know?
Well, it seems not a lot where this issue is concerned. In fact, some of these females that openly admit to being side-chicks and are proud of the fact gave me an insight as to why the mistresses have it better than the main chicks.
1. Less hassle: They love the fact that they can do what they want, knowing that the men can’t question them as they have no right to.
2. More fun: Some of these females were incredulous enough to admit that they found having sex with men they knew were taken, more exciting.
3. More gifts: They get showered with the more expensive gifts and treats, almost as if to compensate for the fact that the men are not able to be with them 24/7.
I received a few other reasons but to be honest with you guys, some were just too far-fetched to even consider including in this article, so I’ve included the three that I feel are (kind of) understandable.
In my opinion, side-chicks are homewreckers. How can you even entertain a man that you KNOW is in a relationship with somebody else? That makes zero sense to me, or maybe I’m missing something here.
Just so this article is not discriminatory to just the females, I’m also very aware that the issue of ‘side-n*****s’ is one that is becoming very prevalent.
The guys with the sugar mommies. What’s the appeal? Going after a lady old enough to be your mother (or even grandmother) just for what? The money? Get a job!
Side-chicks and side-n*****s are I don’t see how any self-respecting human being would allow themselves to knowingly be anybody else’s ‘side-piece’- what do you guys think?


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