A Survivor of June 3 Disaster Says "God Was Working That Night" | And I Say God Was Damn Drunk & Asleep

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Agnes Mends- Armstrong
Agnes Mends- Armstrong

God must be a psychopath; a death-loving blood thirsty celestial father who sits in heaven and watches over His children—and in His infinite wisdom allowed the June 3 disaster which killed hundreds of Ghanaians including innocent children in Accra to freely happen.
For the divine purpose that, His glory and might would be well recognized—so that, people like Agnes Mends-Armstrong, one of the survivors of the horrific accident would come out a year later to glorify His greatness and excellent work that particular day.
To some of us, the concept of God is totally useless, a delusion that flourishes on the back of indoctrination, poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and the fear of the unknown.
But the least those who claim to hold faith in the existence of a celestial dictator, omnipresent and omnipotent, can do is not to present Him to the world as this powerful lunatic who would gladly kill hundreds or allow them to perish in fire so that a few others around would be saved to the glory of His name.
I do not only find it repugnant, but also insensitive that people like Agnes Mends-Armstrong think they are somewhat better people than the many who died on June 3—and that, God was surely at work that night by virtue of the fact that they did not burn even if many others did.
It’s this sort of human arrogance that deepens the insane idea that we are some special creatures, and that the entire universe was created with us in mind; as children of  God— and every other animal like us is auxiliary to our existence. 
Agnes Mends-Armstrong’s absurd declaration, something most religious people do when found in similar situations does not take into considering the fact that many others died and somewhat places herself as a special person who was saved by God because of a certain divine purpose.
This is like a gunman walking into a school and killing all the children, but somehow, missed one—and the parents of this particular surviving child proudly saying, God was fully at work, that’s why their child was saved.
Though Agnes Mends-Armstrong claims that God was at work, her current situation sort of confirms that, God is not even 100% efficient, because she needs glasses to be able to see. God couldn’t protect her eyes and has still not been able to fix it even after a year.
If you are sure your God exists, give Him some credit by not depicting Him as a lax supreme being—and the only reasonable way to do this is not to invoke His name when He has obviously and gravely failed to superlatively supervise.
For Agnes Mends-Armstrong, her survival, despite the many that died is a clear indication that “God Was Working That Night,” but to me, a complete assessment of everything that happened, evaluating the collateral damage which paved way just so that Mends-Armstrong and others would be saved suggests God “Was Damn Drunk & Asleep.” I hope you agree with his, because the plausible alternative is, God does not exist.
It’s only religion and perhaps politics that would make any rational human being make such a ridiculously insane statement.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. Ok, Chris, you and the other so-called atheists who are “all knowing”, please provide us with your sound knowledge based solutions to the world’s problems like poverty, war, famine etc. If you have no such answers then you are just a walking and talking cymbal and no better than the religious people you are so fond to criticize. We are all ears to hear your great solutions.

  2. You can be an atheist all you want. But to blaspheme and insult God; is hurtful and offensive. God forgive you for your foolishness. I hope by Grace and salvation you become saved.
    I wish you nothing but peace and love in your life.

    1. During the time Noah was building the boat we had such fools who condemned him. At the end of the day they screamed to internal death.Jesus is our boat today, Chris must run into Him for salvation.

  3. We need not to insult him. As you can see he seriously needs deliverance because he’s very much aware that the “fool says in his heart there’s no God”. Chris has done his worst but you know God has patience for people like him. God’s still waiting for him to run to Him but he’ll have himself to blame if he hardens his heart to the end.

  4. We need not to insult him. As you can see he seriously needs deliverance because he’s very much aware that the “fool says in his heart there’s no God”. Chris has done his worst but you know God has patience for people like him. God’s still waiting for him to run to Him but he’ll have himself to blame if he hardens his heart to the end.

  5. Well, so I’m tempted to think aloud tonight; since you’re neck deep with your disbelief in the non existence of a superior being, knowing very well that we’ll all die someday, what if you finally got on to the other side & realized that God was indeed real, what would be your reaction? Would you apologize for being so critical on the ‘ God hypothesis’ or would you still hold on to your belief & damn the consequences ? In my lay man’s view, I think it’s always better to bet on both sides in other to be on the safer side. As you would rightly concur , the world is too vast for our minds comprehension. Up until now, a lot of mysteries have still not been clearly explained & understood —It is an irrefutable fact that science & technology has helped a great deal in solving many of the world’s sophisticated equations but there are still more questions left unanswered ! Your article about the lady who survived the June 3rd disaster makes a lot of sense. You presented a very cogent & logical argument in there but then again, since we both can’t be cocksure about the existence or otherwise of a higher being, why don’t we gamble wisely ?…..I strongly believe that, if you had not being so privileged to come from a well-to-do family with great support systems which finally landed you in the best schools both in Ghana & abroad , you wouldn’t hold such views about the non existence of a God…. If you care to know, for the man who has not had food to eat from morning to evening , if he’s lucky enough to stumble upon a piece of bread by accident, the first thing he’s most likely to do, is to look up into the skies and thank his ‘celestial father’ for not allowing him to go to bed on an empty stomach – I am highly convinced that your stance on religion aside your admirable intellectual prowess , has been largely influenced by the privileges you’ve had in life & you should probably be thankful to your maker for endowing you with such a rare opportunity ! Good night Snr!?

  6. Interesting read, so it was God who filled dat river up with rubbish dat choked it, n it was God who smoked n left it to light up fire, n it was God who caused a fuel station not to maintain its tank n allow it to leak, indeed it is only d fool who says ders no God. Ignorance will kill u faster

  7. Chris, like all atheists, have a very flawed premise and fundamental argument. What they like to say is that there is no God. What they really mean is that there can’t be a LOVING God…because bad things happen. Chris like to quote “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” but apparently he has no clue what that means. The burden of proof is on the atheist to prove there is no God, irrespective of the “bad things” that may happen in the world.

  8. Chris,
    I finally realize the truth after several visits to ogyakrom aka Ghana. Delusion and stupidity is the air they breathe. They may look like you or talk like you but they cannot elevate their thinking to your level. They have a mental governor which goes off when they attempt to push their addled brain beyond the posted speed limit. They have much in common with ordinary sheep walking the streets than they have with you. Take the case of the albino homophobe, foh amoaning. This guy is supposedly educated and has travelled a bit. When someone pointed out to him that in Tanzania and elsewhere he’ll be treated like an outcast and attacked like he does to gay people, he’s couldn’t comprehend it. His mind couldn’t compute that hatred for the other could be extended to him. He knows the word discrimination without knowing the meaning of it. Same way Ghanaians know the biblical text and other big English words but don’t understand it. Words like democracy have taken a beating in the Ghanaian diction. Some well placed Ghanaians even think it’s a combination of “demo” and “krakye”.
    When it comes deep and metaphysical stuff spare yourself the trouble because the ghanaian brain is still running 286x processor and cannot compute past its fufu and abenkwan registers. Hence their inability to spot the contradiction in what this stupid survivor is saying about God playing favourites at the time of a disaster. You love your countrymen and your are challenging them to think outside the box, use different neural pathways. They won’t. Why? Mental laziness, stupidity and inability to adapt. So although I commend you for your effort I will say don’t waste your energy. When pigs finally find the value of pearls, they will wear them rather eat them.
    For those eager to point out people like kofi Annan, Nkrumah, ayittey etc as examples of Ghanaians of excellence, I will say keep dreaming. They are as Ghanaians as turtles hatched on the beaches of Trinidad are trinidadians. What made them excellent was their ability to break the Ghanaian mould and recast themselves as something more superior. You may also find them less superstitious. That’s what it takes to evolve.

    1. Long time lost man, I thought you had become a pastor and flying around in a private jet that your congregation bought you—as I heard Ghanaians in Canada bought one for their pastor down there.
      The thing with most Ghanaians is, as you’ve pointed out, fail to think outside the box. They fail to subject anything to scrutiny—their God, Bible, Politicians and whatever.
      It’s sad; I am totally moving the high conversation to BrutallyUncensored.Com, and serve what’s meant for GC here—hiring and restructuring so this summer, it will be on.
      It is sad you cannot have a group of people to begin to evaluate what their slavemasters served them, even when the slavemasters themselves have abandoned it.
      For that lawyer, he is one of the reasons why I have not gone to do my Bar in Ghana—most of my mates from Law school have gone to Ghana for a year for Makola and beyond all the hovering nonsense in Ghana, I can’t bring myself to have such a man of full ignorance, teach me as a professor of Law.
      The absurdity is legendary; an oppressed standing tall to ensure that other minorities are also oppressed. Someone should remind him to take a holiday to Tanzania sometimes soon.

      1. Yes. Its been a while. I am trying to change the system in Africa and have been involved in several projects down there. In fact I just got back. And going back soon.
        I have seen the enemies to African development and guess what? It is them. They have no love for themselves, their environment or their country.
        They are liars, lazy and won’t do anything to help the country except stealing from the it.
        I am creating a fund which I will use to sue the apostolic church of Ghana and the rest of the churches for polluting the atmosphere with their nonsense and noise. Croaking like frogs and calling it praying or speaking in tongues is insane. Somebody has to stand up to their nonsense. They’ve had the stage for too long. There is a need to start a new generation of Ghanaians who will challenge the churches and move the nation forward. The churches have become the tapeworms in the gut of the country. Sucking the life blood out of it.
        My driver asked me about game of thrones. He watches it but doesn’t understand the nuances and the politics of it. All he sees is the blood shed. The same can be said of most Ghanaians. They cannot understand the complexities of life and how to make it better. When a western trained marine biologist, with a real phd not the internet one bandied around by the fake doctors and reverends, is disrespected because he chose to study the fisheries by working with the fishermen in Elmina, you know the country is full “untermensch”( low brow, knuckle dragging idiots). When I tried to point out that the guy is better than their so called doctors(otabil, Williams, agyin asare and the rest), they suddenly shut down the conversation.
        Foh Amoaning is a kantomanto scholar no better than the idiots kumchacha and obinim.
        There is a need for a new breed of Ghanaians who challenge the pathetic and corrupt practices and break free from the religious siege the nations is under.
        I plan to start a branch of the church of faceless men in Ghana. We will target the fake apostles and doctors.
        Sorry I didn’t know some Ghanaians in Canada bought a plane for their fearless leader. Can’t say I am surprised. The disease(churchy) has eaten away their brains. In adenta there is a church looking to raise 1 million US dollars to expand while the nation’s capital continues to flood.
        Nkrumah is weeping in his grave. Ghanaians are a disgrace to his legacy.
        I hope to catch up when I am next in the UK. My company is working on big stuff and we’ll need people like you.

        1. Great to read that you are helping to build a better Ghana—provided you would receive the support needed. Yes, when it comes to the bigger conversation, Ghanaians are far behind.
          When you are set to go after the noise makers, let me know as I will gladly support such a good cause. My friend got into a fight with a church stationed behind his house over their loud noise.
          Anytime you are around in UK, just call—and surely we can talk about the business stuff.