An Abomination? Ghanaian Gospel Musician-Perpetual Didier Says She Proposed to Her Husband Instead of Waiting On Him

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Gospel Musician-Perpetual Didier
Gospel Musician-Perpetual Didier

It has somewhat become widely accepted that, the man is the one who ought to propose to the woman—and to some people, it’s an abomination for the woman to lead, by proposing.
But according to Ghanaian Gospel Musician-Perpetual Didier, she proposed to her husband; meaning, she popped the question.
Coming from someone who has a strong Christian background, many would feel a little cold about this but with the way things have become these days, it doesn’t sit as a taboo anymore for a woman to take charge, especially if the man is slacking.
And according to Perpetual Didier, she proposed to her husband because she was feeling him—and he was slacking.
She said on Rainbow Radio in Accra that, “I was attracted to him but it was hard for him to propose to me, so I took that bold step to propose to him.”
Now, the question is, do you think it matters as to who does the proposing these days? Should women be free to propose?

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