BECE Examination Papers To Be Flown in Helicopters to PREVENT Leakages


Every year the brouhaha that couples the Basic Education Examination is daunting.
It is either the questions get leaked before the finals or students are caught cheating or teachers are involved in treachery of some sort, the possibilities are limitless.
The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has been on their wits-end trying to find suitable solution to curb this unsolicited happenings. Alas, it seems luck has found them.
The West African Examination Council (WAEC) says there will not be any leakage of exam questions in the upcoming Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) which takes place in June.
Senior officer at the human language and test administration department of WAEC, Daniel Nii Dodu says the papers would not only be printed outside the country but also have a helicopter transport it to the various exam centers in the country.
“The papers have already been printed outside this country. The questions fly in and you also fly it by aircraft, that is, helicopter or what have you, to the various regions for instance Tamale among others and from there the BNI and WAEC officers will distribute them,” Senior Officer at the Human Language and Test Administration Department of WAEC, Daniel Nii Dodu announced.
The new move by WAEC follows the leakage of over five papers in the 2015 BECE papers. A total of 438,048 candidates from 14,267 public and private junior high schools (JHS) will write this papers across the country.
The number represents an increase of 35,966 over last year’s figure of 392,082. The candidates, who are made up of 239,963 males and 221,050 females, will write the examination at 1,598 centres.
I love that WAEC has taken such initiative and intend on executing it to the latter.
Maybe I am wrong but I believe human beings saw to the printing of these papers, humans would convey it from wherever they are to their respective places and so just like we have had in the previous cases, we are liable to experience same hapless situations since in the end the printed papers have an unflinching relationship with humans.
It is like a KPMG representative holding firmly to public voting results during the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) all in a bid to guarantee viewers that results are genuine and devoid of manipulations.
Until people decide to stay away from anything that spells corruption, all these display of security measures would be as vain as Bukom Banku’s blabbering.
Well, who knows, it could work. I am just playing the devil’s advocate.


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  1. has anybody ever considered how much it cost to fly a helicopter? trust me A WHOLE LOT OF CASH. so then again waste of money. it won’t be the use of the aircraft that will stop the cheating. if someone wants to cheat, he will find other means to do so


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