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From BrutallyUncensored.Com
Having been working with Ms. Pyper Pebbles, I’ve come to understand that she appreciates honesty, even if it is clothed in disrespect and will in the short run hurt her.
Of course, that’s a reasonable position, take the hit if that’s what is true—-but what she forgets is that, a lot of people, perhaps majority of people do not have such strong locus in honesty.
In her recent article, she argues that, the world would possibly be spared some of the love-gone-bad hurts, if men were honest to women——in that, if a man wants sex, he should tell a woman that’s what he desires and not to embellish this with love to create a sense of some sort of lasting relationship.
Once again, that’s a great deduction but the question is; would that work?
How many women would forfeit the seemingly fine pathos that beautifully colours relationships and opt for the harsh realities of logos?
Men and women seem to be wired differently and so do they cherish different approaches and outcomes. I am not saying women love to be lied to: I am simply saying, women love to hear certain words and cherish certain things to be done, if these things happen to be true, that’s a gain and if they happen to be purposefully placed to score a point, that’s their loss.
Everyone, though some people would deny this, enters into a relationship with a motive—-some have strong interests which can be fetched from a mile away and others cleverly keep theirs hidden. But one thing is mostly true, these motives, irrespective of how bold or faint they are, serve the interest of whoever holds it.
On the back of personal motives, two people will neatly converge at a spot and then claim to have the interest of each other at heart, sometimes, one would even position himself or herself as placing the interest of the other over his or hers—-and then a relationship is set forth, a journey slightly hatched on deceit has started.
The truth is, if both parties were true to their cause and laid bare their motives on the table, they wouldn’t perhaps even start, let alone go anywhere—-because most personal interests can’t be spared the taint of selfishness.
Therefore, though it would be “sweet’ for a woman to know whether a man truly loves her or just wants sex, and base on that knowledge decide if she wants to be in the same space as this man, I believe a lot of women will reject such an upfront sex only proposal. Black couple
Even if not for the fact that women love to hear certain things (which men are smartly aware), the zeitgeist is such that, a dicey dish of love will at any day and time win over a blatant cooked meal of “I want just sex.”
A lot has changed over the years but when it comes to the sacredness of what lies in-between the thighs of a woman, that seems to have been well safeguarded and only a highly infinitesimal number of women would open their legs for any blatant sex proposal—-most would still appreciate not to hear the truth, even if it’s obvious that’s what the man is looking for.
It’s like a gamble; a man would want to get what he wants—-and to achieve that, he will play the game so well, pulling the right strings and doing exactly what will trigger a win.
If anyone ought to bare the blame for the apparent deception when it comes to garnishing sex with love, then it’s the one who has made it such that, a particular approach fetches a more desirable outcome than the other—-I mean, the woman.
You cannot walk to a woman and say, you are beautiful and I desire to have just sex with you one day, even if not now because I do not well know you yet. She will certainly slap you and label you a pathetic sociopath, if not a coarse pervert.
Note that, you may just want the above and here, you would have been honest to your cause and intention—-but most women are wired to reject this, and society itself is structured in a way that such an approach remains abnormal, even if that has all the ingredients of honesty.
So Ms. Pyper Pebbles’ position may sound frank but it’s only plausible on paper—-and perhaps in her small mirror. When you throw her approach into the grand scheme of the sex and relationship world, a man who dwells in such blatancy wouldn’t ever get laid.
The garnishing works, try it in Ghana, Afghanistan, Cuba and even North Korea—-and you will get some sexy panties regularly being pulled down for you.
Couple enjoying dinner
Let’s not forget that, in some cases, men still have to sweet talk women they are in relationships with before these women willingly open their legs to a journey they themselves enjoy too. Imagine meeting any of such ridiculously sex-conscious women and throwing the ball straight into her face—-I want a good f**k, and nothing else.
Again, I feel Pyper in her article and call for honesty from men neglects an important aspect of sex, which is, it’s more fun when there’s some sort of emotional connection or when the two are on the same wavelength. And for such a connection to exist, you must have had a good conversation and interaction with the other party—-which quickly leads to some sort of false-relationship-start, even if not intended by one party.
So it’s true that women would have to deal with less heart breaks if men did not increasingly present their desire for only sex as a want for a fine relationship in which sex is only a part of the gains. And it’s also true that, most men wouldn’t get laid if they did not fine tune their desires to synchronise with the relationship expectations or wants of women.
With such a conundrum at the heart of the conversation, a man will certainty do what he feels will fetch him his desire—-and a woman must be excessively vigilant so to be able to weed out the gold coated speeches from the real gold.
In between the two struggles sits the few like Ms. Pyber Pebbles who say they wouldn’t mind being told the truth. However, no sane man is ready to risk a good chance at getting laid since these sort of people only exist in theoretical “parleys” like this.
This article was first published on BrutallyUncensored.Com | Click Here for MORE

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL.M) and Legal Practice Course (LL.M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL.B) from University of East London. He's a Professional Truth Sayer and he is the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” He currently works at Adukus Solicitors in London--where he uses his legal brains to kick real ass, for the good of clients and humanity. Contact: [email protected]


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  1. like my previous comment there are plenty of girls out there…if one says no when you are honest…the other will say yes lets get it on…but true..some will tell you all sorts of stuf just to enter…

    1. Come on Missy, how many reasonable women including yourself do you know that will say YES to a blatant proposal for just a f**k? I don’t even think this is a choice, because the numbers that will say YES to such an idea can’t be imagined and men don’t want to gamble on the basis of a small chance of win, everyone will use the language and actions more likely to fetch him a win.

      1. I can’t believe I’m writing this…of course you don’t just walk up to a girl and just say you want to enter her pumpum….as a guy when you are yourself from beginning…build up the right tone and chemistry instead of promising the lady the entire world….believe me when some girls fall for you and the chemistry is there Paa di3 chale it will happen oh…there are two things that comes out of this: when you tel them you don’t feel like you are there yet…You know the whole commitment thing..1.some women will put you back in the friend zone cos you the guy just want to bie gya for free and they don’t want to get hurt….2. Others will think you are probably confused and with time you will come around….
        But believe there are some women that don’t care about any of that…after all body no be firewood….but telling lies or garnishing whatever one calls it for sex is just soo 2000 and late….it will probably work on 18yr olds…even nowadays these youngsters have passed that…but my point is there are too many women out there so I don’t se why men will lie for sex…it’s just stupid…my opinion

        1. I am not sure if we are really far apart here; I am saying, men cannot be frank with what they want because, most women, which I believe you wouldn’t deny will straight up reject that (and I looked at why this is so).
          However, if a man coats his intention with what the want really wants, most women will give him a chance or fall for it. Therefore, you wouldn’t get men taking that risk of saying the truth, which will lead to them being called sociopath and all that—they will just fall into the soup of the woman, just as she wants it.
          Of course it will be better if men mentioned what they want someway or somehow, but since that wouldn’t get them laid—no reasonable man will actually opt for that.

      2. Chris… have you ever considered that there are some women out there
        who meets a nice looking guy and just wants to have sex with them but
        not to keep them??? I agree with Missy that any guy who just wants to
        “ënter” shoul be frank about about and not sugarcoat it with love…bla
        bla bla. It hurts the women more when they later realize that it was all
        a lie. A man cannot walk to a total stranger and ask for sex…that
        might fetch him a dirty slap. Get to know this particular lady and then
        build the rapport… talk about it and see where that can lead both of
        you to. If I like a guy and he suggests we f**k with no emotions
        attached…I might agree.

        1. I understand and agree with you and Missy on that and I did state that in my article—however, my argument is; let’s say 90 percent of women wouldn’t appreciate the I want to f**k you, and let’s say 10% would. So when it comes to a man who has just met a woman, what do you think he will reasonable do? Play the 10% card or the 90%? He will straight go for the 90% card because that gives him a higher possibility of getting laid.