A Tearful Story of Love: Balfour Awuah Tabury Has Announced He'll Be Marrying the Woman Who Has Become His Lost Legs Since He Became PARAPLEGIC After Being Knocked Down By A Car

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Balfour and Sedem
Balfour and Sedem

Love they say is beautiful, sincere and fulfilling—-and even if you have not experienced this yet, the story of Balfour Awuah Tabury would be enough to confirm that, true love is from the heart and it’s priceless.
Baffour Tabury, 31 year old final year student of Cape Coast University (at the time) became popular to a few Ghanaians online when loved ones started sharing his GoFundMe page—-set up to help him raise about 42,000 dollars for ADULT STEM CELL THERAPY at the Stem Cell Institute in Punta Pacifica, Panama.
Balfour became PARAPLEGIC after being knocked down by a car in 2007, and therefore couldn’t complete his course.
It wasn’t just a case of not being able to complete his studies, Balfour since 2007 became bedridden, couldn’t control his urine and bowel, can’t sit for long due to spasticity and can’t even sleep due to severe pains, tingling, spasticity and burning sensation below his waist.
Per his GoFundMe page, “Some American doctors who came to do a charity program examined him last year and directed him to the Stem Cell Institute, after contacting them for a consult, he’s been declared a viable candidate for treatment.”
The cost of treatment and other expenses came up to $42,000 and per his appeal for donation, he only  managed to raise $15,000—-and would still appreciate any donation.
Though Balfour Tabury’s GoFundMe page has not been updated, his health seems to have improved a little—-and today, he is not only in making walking progress, but he has announced that, he will marry the woman-seder Victoria, 24, who stood by him since his accident.

Oh his Facebook page, Balfour wrote;
“Happy Father’s day to all responsible Father’s, God richly bless you all, prosper you in all you do, extend your stay on earth and final give you the best place in heaven to rest.Let me take this opportunity to announce that I will be getting married to my legs, a pillar in my life who’s been there for me since my injury (Sedem Victoria) this coming July, a very simple ceremony. Thanks to you all my friends on Facebook support.”
After his announcement, Balfour told GhanaCelebrities.Com’s editor-Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, also an Adisadel College graduate just like Balfour that, health wise, he is not doing bad—-“Not that bad, managing small small, just went to do Achilles tendon lengthening surgery last two weeks.”
Asked about whether the needed trip to Panama came on, the reason why his condition has improved, Balfour replied; “No, I went to India, I couldn’t get Panama Visa as they don’t have Embassy in Ghana, they wanted me to go to South Africa for it but there was a clinic in India that could do same treatment so went there, still have to do treatment though.”
Balfour Awuah's Facebook
Balfour Awuah’s Facebook

Today, not only can Balfour walk with support-‘brace in physic using parallel bar’ and hope to eventually be able to get back to speed as he was before the 2007 accident, he is planning on getting married to a woman he calls “SPECIAL” that has become his rock.
According to Balfour, Sedem Victoria was just a friend he knew and rarely saw before his accident—-and when she heard of his injury, she called him. As to how she even got his number, he does not know.
“It started as friends, she start showing so much care and interest in my health. Anywhere I went from the time of my accident, she was by my side and took me. With time, we became great friends and now lovers,” Balfour proudly stated.
Balfour and Sedem
Balfour and Sedem

Balfour added; “Sedem now lives with me; she does everything I do with me. When I need a bath, she does it for me—-when I eat, she is here with me. She is my pillar and my everything.”
Because of Balfour’s needs, Sedem has become his full time de-facto carer—-as a job will take her away from the man she only does not care for, but has grown to love him immensely.
Even with less than a month to their marriage, Balfour says; “he is still shocked and never thought anyone could do what Sedem has been doing for me. Because, I couldn’t control my urine and bowl until recently—-and throughout all, she cleaned and washed me. And has even gone ahead to fall in love with me just as I have.”
What’s even more shocking to Balfour is that, Sedem was not his girlfriend before the injury—-and yet accepted him in his grave disability caused by the accident, has stood with him throughout to this day when they are about to get married.
“When we visit churches in search for help, most pastors would wonder how Sedem is able to do all the things she does for me. Mostly, they say they don’t understand and several wives of pastors have commended her for not just her love but bravery as they say they cannot even do what this beautiful young lady is doing for me,”  Balfour said.
Balfour and Sedem
Balfour and Sedem

Balfour and Sedem will get married on July 2, 2016 at Sedem’s family house in Tema and we wish them a happy marriage.
Still Balfour would appreciate any financial support to help with his treatment and getting his life back on track. You can send him mobile money via : 0543791384 (Balfour Awuah Tabury). | Ghana Commercial Bank, Takoradi Main Branch, Account Number: 4011060002654.
Unibank dollar account, which can receive other foreign currencies and cedes; Baffour-Awuah & S.Sanku Victoria, Account Number: 0320224256315.
You can also DONATE to Balfour Awuah Tabury online via here: www.gofundme.com/btabury

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  1. this is what you call TRUE LOVE. thumbs up for the lady and also for the guy for not loosing hope but fighting back with that he’s got