VIDEO: A Woman Took A Big Money Vomiting Snake into A Church in Ghana to Face A Powerful Pastor—Witchcraft, Juju & MORE

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Today, I am not going to talk about the obvious fraud and the credulity of those who believe in such nonsense—especially, those who cannot see beyond the deceptive tactical veil these so called men of God employ.
The video below was shared with us on Facebook—and what seems like a perfect Kumawood movie scene is in fact something that happened, being used by Computer Man, a prophet of God for advertisement, a showcase of his might and power to pull more people to his already booming church.
I always tell people who believe in talking snakes and money vomiting snakes that; if such snakes are in Ghana as being claimed, then why is President Mahama always begging for money from other countries and why did we go HIPIC? Our leaders should just go and get 10 of the snakes and lock them up at the Bank of Ghana headquarters for these snakes to vomit dollars, pounds and euros for us—debt free.
Also, since every dollar or pounds and even cedis has a unique serial number, what of serial numbers are on the monies the snakes vomit? Perhaps, the monies are fake because that’s the only plausible answer to this question.
Anyway, back to the video.
In the video, a woman is called to the front of a busy church and asked to open her bag which she refuses. The “powerful” man of God insists, damn sure the woman is hiding something in there because he has already seen what’s in the bag with his spiritual eyes.
The bag is forcefully taken from the woman—that seems like a clever role play else it would have amounted to harassment.
When the bag was emptied—a big snake fell out; interesting, it’s a python, very commonly carried around in Ghana. I have met several people in Ghana holding them, and posing for photos—they don’t bite.
That in itself should tell you this is a scam—why was it not some damn cobra?
Anyway, watch the video below—and let me add that someone said she called one of the numbers on the screen and indeed it was a church.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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