No S*x Before Marriage Leading To Lots Of Divorces – Lawyer

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A female legal practitioner, Margaret Achaempong, has strongly come out against the ‘convention’ of couples being warned about not having s*x before marriage, claiming it is a surefire way to having a bad marriage.
The conventional wisdom in this country, due to religious and cultural mores, is that s*x before marriage is prohibited (although no one follows it anyway).
According to a divorce lawyer, Margaret Achaempong, that convention is to blame for a lot of busted marriages.
“I’m very much against the preaching of no sex before marriage, [if] couples don’t get on well s*xually they surely can’t marry, and the possibility of infidelity coming in is there.” she told Nii Arday Clegg on Starr Fm.
“So how can the marriage survive, the person would be forced to seek enjoyment outside. Practical s*x is from experience and from the cases I have handled over the years I have a different opinion about no s*x before marriage now.”
According to her, she has seen many cases where due to not having s*x before marriage, couples discovered some complications after they got married, complications that can lead to divorce.
“I have handled cases where a marriage had to break because the man has a timber, the man’s manhood was too big for her, and she couldn’t contain.
“Another’s was so slim that it pricks her when they have s*x, these are the things you do not know if you don’t get the opportunity to test. If you don’t and you go into it then the likelihood of the marriage breaking down is high.” She added.
They tell you ‘s*x is bad so don’t do it’; but somehow when you get married it magically becomes good? Couples need to be s*xually compatible, and without having it how the hell are you supposed to know if you are compatible?
Conventional wisdom is not always wise.

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