John Dumelo the Flag Boy | More Photos of the Desperate Actor Climbing A Tree to Hang NDC Flag

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John Dumelo
John Dumelo

Yesterday, GhanaCelebrities.Com brought you a photo of Ghanaian actor-John Dumelo, on top of a dried tree—-hanging an NDC flag in support and campaign for his party.
The actor has declared that, he is going fully political—of course with his acting career almost dead and the entire industry deeply asleep, politics seems like the only viable option.
John Dumelo is working his butt off to gain recognition within the NDC—as he houses a bigger ambition; to become a Member of Parliament and then a President.
These photos are somewhat funny—John Dumelo seems desperate.
John Dumelo1
John Dumelo2

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  1. If Kwabena kwabena or Yvonne Nelson was hanging and NPP flag on a tree would u have a problem with it?
    John is NDC and has boldly declared his affiliation. That is his freedom of choice. What is your problem then?

    1. But no one said anything about him not being NDC. See this big fat man on that small tree because of politics. You think that is safe? How much are they even paying him

      1. if they are not paying john that should tell you that he is not in it for the money but for the passion and believe in his party.
        And if they are paying him, clearly he is working for every dime. So which is ur problem now?

      2. You think John is fat? Then you must have no vocabulary in your head! He may not be as skinny as he use to be years back but he is certainly not a fat man.

  2. Some of you commenting about Dumelo are cleaning toilets in europe and America and doing minimal jobs for money.
    John has fame and fortune so his using it to elevate the party he believes in. So keep commenting and insulting him while his bank account doubles and triples

    1. Akosua, John is 6ft 4, very built and goes to the gym regularly. He is not Nana Addo who can’t climb stairs let alone a tree so don’t worry about Dumelo wai. John does more dangerous stunts in movies.
      And please Don’t pronounce death on john for doing no wrong. you are not God oo. dont invoke curses that can reverse on yourself if the person has done you no wrong!
      Just my advice to you.

      1. John is an award winning actor who has been in the entertainment business for over 10 years. Do you think he is broke? He has at least 3 cars to his name, several businesses and houses not to mention charities he provides money for.
        If you call that desperate then your teachers wasted your time in school because you learnt nothing.

  3. This even shows that Dumelo is humble and not proud no matter how rough rich and famous he is. Well done John Dumelo, do what you believe in even if it is NDC.

      1. Let’s say he is getting political cash. Is it for free? Can’t you see him freaking working? Do you Akosua work for free? Nonsense.
        John carry on doing what you believe in. You are doing nothing wrong

  4. So those commenting are looking down on all party supporters who hang party paraphernalia Or is it just because it is almighty John Dumelo doing it so you are afraid of his influence?
    how do u think NPP flags reach poles and trees? You think Dumelo does it for them. You NPP people are really daft to the point of naive pain.
    John is bold, he doesn’t care who is watching or taking pictures of him. Most of you hide like cowards, then u come here to insult this fine gentleman for displaying his freedom of choice. Can you even wear ur party tshirt in public like Dumelo? God punish you for hypocrisy and judgement on this man for doing what you don’t have the [email protected] to do!!!!