BUSTED: Evidence that Yvonne Nelson is A Goddam Liar Or She Must Be High On Some Illegal Substance

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Yvonne Nelson at 2014 Ghana Movie Awards
Yvonne Nelson at 2014 Ghana Movie Awards

Perhaps actress Yvonne Nelson thinks she’s a baller—something that makes her some sort of industry cow or biatch. And even though Afia Schwarzenegger has an equally dirty standing, it has become necessary to expose Yvonne Nelson as a liar or someone high on some illegal substance on the back of a comment she made yesterday on OKAY FM about Schwarzenegger.
During an interview with Abeiku Santana yesterday, Yvonne Nelson emphatically said she has never seen Afia Schwarzenegger with her real eyes, neither has she ever watched her on TV before.
When asked if she has never even seen or met her at any event, she threw the biggest shade and lie of all times , saying, Hell No—she even added that, she has only heard of Afia Schwarzenegger’s name and has seen her stuff on social media but she does not follow her because she only follows people who INSPIRE her.
Of course, as usual, Yvonne Nelson was on some big BS—this is someone who does not even know her own complexion so how can she know who Afia Schwarzenegger is?
Anyway, at the 2014 Ghana Movie Awards, Afia Schwarzenegger performed slightly on the main stage and again mounted the stage twice to present and receive an award on someone’s behalf—-we have video evidence below and the organisers have confirmed this to GhanaCelebrities.Com.
On the same night, Yvonne Nelson sat at the front row throughout the event (see evidence below) and also went on stage to present an award.
Yvonne Nelson at 2014 Ghana Movie Awards
Yvonne Nelson at 2014 Ghana Movie Awards

How can Yvonne Nelson who was seated right in front of the stage say she has never seen Afia Schwarzenegger in person? Even if she was out of the room to pee during Afia’s first stage appearance, she surely was not out to smoke weed or suck Iyanya’s small dingdong in her car during Afia’s second appearance.
The truth this, Yvonne Nelson is a goddam liar—and she just wanted to belittle Afia Schwarzenegger during her interview.
Why are we even shocked? This is the same person who told the whole Ghana that her bleaching was due to cocoa butter—that’s after she said she has a Brazilian ancestry which should reasonably explain her sudden change in complexion at the time.
Yvonne Nelson at 2014 Ghana Movie Awards
Yvonne Nelson at 2014 Ghana Movie Awards

Check out the video below from 2014 Ghana Movie Awards…

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  1. Yvonne Nelson and her big things. Meanwhile nothing give girl madam bleaching too. So now you are busted with strong evidence from GC. What will you say next?

  2. No wonder people say u are gay…u sound like a desperate gay (the female gay)seeking attention…attacking people personally to get attention is pathetic my dear…at least try and learn words that journalist use….Sister Afia go get u….u are sooo gay???