President Mahama On Burkinabe Contractor ‘Gift’ – ‘I Don’t Use Fords. Toyota Is My Car’

President Mahama
President Mahama

President Mahama has built quite the reputation for throwing out sarcastic comments out there, statements that reveal how, at the core, he doesn’t really care what we think as a populace.
One great example was his infamous ‘dead goat’ comment, which he probably knew wouldn’t be well received, but said it anyway.
It seems he has done it again.
The President has spoken out on the recent controversy regarding his decision to accept a 2010 Ford Expedition as a gift from a Burkinabe contractor who has had several dealings with the state.
President Mahama, whose reaction to the entire saga has been one of defiance, continued that theme with his remarks Thursday, noting that he doesn’t use the vehicle for his personal gains.
His reason – he doesn’t like American cars very much.
“I don’t use Fords. I don’t like American cars. I use Japanese cars. Toyota is my car.”  The President said at the Flagstaff House.
“The issue of a Ford Expedition, I have never been under the illusion that gift was a gift to the State and it has never been used for my personal comfort,” he added.
The President added that since the matter is a subject of a CHRAJ petition, the commission must be left to do its work.
“It is matter for the Commission on Human Rights. I hear there is a petition there and appropriately, we will respond to it.” he added.
President Mahama has been the centre of a corruption storm for the past week or so, after it emerged that he had received the vehicle as a gift from Burkinabe contractor Mr. Djibril Kanazoe. Kanazoe’s company had been contracted by the government of Ghana to build a wall around the Ghana embassy in Burkina Faso – and he had won a road contract after the gift, leading to accusations it influenced the process.


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