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When Politics is Not Your Daily Bread: David Cameron Quits As UK Prime Minister | When Will African Leaders Have the Political Dignity to Also Quit?

David Cameron

UK’s Prime Minister-David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister two hours after the UK’s vote for Brexit was confirmed.
This comes immediately after Senior political figures such as Ukip’s Nigel Farage said the Prime Minister needs to resign over his botched REMAIN campaign.
David Cameron’s resignation has not come as a shock to Brits, because this is something they are used to—political leaders who fail to delivery victory in elections resign all the time in that part of the world.
Just a few hours after UK’s 2015 election, Labour leader-Ed Miliband, UKIP leader-Nigel Farage and Lim Dem’s leader Nick Clegg resigned over poor electoral performance.
As I have mentioned in the past; “these politicians understand politics and somewhat try to keep to their words. They care about dignity and the measure of their performance.”
And more also, Western politicians are into politics largely to serve their people, mostly rich already before entering politics, unlike Africa where politics remain the sole daily bread of most politicians—which makes it impossible for them to place dignity over food and resign when they even make unpardonable political mistakes.
David Cameron holds a net worth of about 50 million dollars and therefore his yearly salary as a UK Prime Minister which is just £143,462 is not worth the political headache in any way. Such an already made man wouldn’t fight to stay in a political armchair when a cause he led has woefully failed to yield the expected results.
We need such civilise political climate in Africa and to get this, we must be cynical of starving political candidates who are mostly to make a living on the back of politics and not to serve the people. These people would do everything to gain office or stay in one—tossing decency and dignity out of the conversation.
Our African politicians are always on a desperate run to remain at post because politics is their daily bread and fused with their power drunkenness and greed, that’s a recipe for disaster—African’s worst nightmare and cause of our unending struggles.


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