Moesha Boduong Lists The Qualities She Wants In Her Man – A Hardworking Man Who Can Support Her

Moesha Boduong has branded herself as the Ghanaian Kim Kardashian, more known for her body than her talent; but quite like how Kanye came along to sweep Kim, she’s hoping for her own Prince Charming soon.
In an interview on Accra Fm Saturday, the actress spoke extensively on her love life. She said that she’s single and searching, and that she has been mischaractised in the press as only being interested in materialistic things.
She spoke in response to her past comments which had indicated she wanted a rich man to be with.
“People got me wrong. I said I want somebody who can take care of me, it is not like I am that materialistic or I want everything, just somebody that can support me. And that was that time. There was a reason I needed to date a [rich man], but now I am doing well for myself,” she said.
“Now I want someone who is trying, who is hardworking, obviously I can’t date somebody who has nothing…right now I have established myself. Back then I was young, but now I have established myself, I am no more with that person and I am doing well for myself, so, I need somebody who is hardworking as well who can also support me. I am not looking for too much,” she opined.
Good luck with that, girl.


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