Support Lydia Botwe: the Woman Who Lost Her 4 Children and Husband in A June 3 Fire Breakout in Asante Mampong

Lydia Botwe

Lydia Botwe, a resident of Asante Mampong has suffered the gravest pain ever imaginable—she lost her husband, 4 children  and an in law in the June 3rd fire breakout
The deceased persons were Rev. Isaac Botwe (38), Jonathan Botwe (24), Victor Adu Botwe (7), Lovia Badu Botwe (11), Ebenezer Adu Botwe (13), and Princess Lydia Adu Botwe (2).
Lydia is not today just a widow, she has lost everything that could mean something to her—to have 4 children killed in an accident is capable of ending your own life.
Of course this has already happened and we cannot do anything to bring back Lydia Botwe’s family—however, we can donate or contribute something for her upkeep, to erect another roof over her head and more importantly, to show that we are human beings, we share her pain and care about what has sadly happened to her.
Lydia Botwe'a burnt house
Lydia Botwe’a burnt house

Holy Trinity SPA and GhanaCelebrities.Com sent out musician/comedian Kwame A. Plus to Asante Mampong over the weekend to visit Mrs Lydia Botwe—and though we are extending our hands to her, we wish to ask for your support to put the tiniest smile we can fetch for her.
It’s true that Lydia Botwe will not the same again because of this sad incident but we can boldly through our outreach to her let her know that, we stand with her—and she has a new, bigger and also loving family ready to help as much as we can.
Lydia Botwe needs our support and we are appealing that everyone who can should chip in whatever they can to help her—and if you can’t donate to her, please share this article for those who can to see it and do so. Even if you are able to make a donation, kindly share this post so we can reach as many people as possible.
We’ve assured Lydia Botwe that there are millions of people who love her and will want to have her as a sister or mother. Let’s show this woman some love….
You can support her by sending her mobile on this number. (233) 0209020347. You can also pay something into her account: Account name is Lydia Botwe | Bank is Ghana Commercial Bank. Branch is Mampong Branch. The account number is 6071010005121
If you want to send her money transfer the name is Lydia Botwe.
You can donate securely ONLINE by going here:
If you dont have anything to give just use your data to share this article so that someone sees it and support her.
Thanks to everyone who has supported this. God bless you
Funeral of Lydia Botwe's family
Funeral of Lydia Botwe’s family


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