Would You With Your Husband Consent Conceive With His Brother Because He Is Impotent? | We Took To WhatsApp And Got Interesting Answers

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In our bid to uphold moral standards and protect the people we love, we are likely to go to extremes that may be unfathomable to the many lot. The biggest tragedy that could befall anyone is their failure to protect or render help to their loved ones.
How painful will it be to stay in a marriage with no children knowing very well that your husband is the root cause of your childlessness— aside society unsolicited pressure sandwiched between in-law`s petty qualms, the emptiness one would feel especially in our primitive Ghanaian society would be simply immeasurable.
So I ask given such an analogy, would you dare birth a child for your husband with his brother’s DNA, of course with your husband`s consent—do desperate times not call for desperate measures?.
We asked a few people and got interesting answers—Flip to the next pages to read.

Miss PyperPebbles
Ms. Pyper Pebbles is just like any other person watching life; she puts up a show and contributes every once in a while to this mega show. She's a graduate of Ghana Institute of Journalism--she is a sapio-sexual by all standards and believes life would only be worth living if one decides to live... She's a Staff Writer at GhanaCelebrities.Com and a Contributing Writer At BrutallyUncensord.Com, based in Accra-Ghana.


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  1. Can’t the “good potënt” brother just donate his sperms for me to be inseminated and get pregnant instead of using this “issue” to get to sleep with me? what if I don’t get pregnant the first time? then what happens? we have sexx again and again and again till i get pregnant??? Hell no!!!