PHOTOS: Why Has Ghanaian Rapper-Itz Tiffany 'DAMAGED' Her Body With So Many Tattoos?

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Itz Tiffany2
Perhaps Ghanaian rapper-Itz Tiffany feels like she is Rihanna, without the accompanying hits and musical success.
And being a Rihanna in her dreams must have caused her to go for the many tattoos we are seeing all over her body today.
A few months ago, she was a single mother with a small tat, struggling for a musical breakthrough—but today, she has clothed herself in so many tattoos which we are obviously not feeling.
I don’t want to sing the culture and decency song here but as a musical artiste, you must try to connect and relate to your audience even when it comes to your appearance—and she looks far from this. Unless she is preparing to audition to become the next girlfriend of Chris Brown, I would advise that she calm down on the ink,
Also, why don’t she spend all the time she is spending in tattoo shops at the studio to make song hit music for her fans?
Enough of the inking—Fake London Girl!
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