Ruba's Truth: Are the African Couple Seeking to Pay for their Expensive Wedding Through Fundraising NORMAL? (VIDEO)

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Ruba's Truth
Ruba’s Truth

Ruba has joined GhanaCelebrities.Com’s video contributors with her no nonsense trait—Ruba’s Truth.
And for her first video, she looks at the case of two UK based Africans who are seeking to pay for their expensive wedding of about 16,500 dollars through fundraising—saying, it’s unacceptable.
Why anyone would even think staging a wedding they cannot really afford and in this case an expensive wedding the way forward for young couple?
“Some have argued that what the couple are doing is part of their culture—-and I say, even if culture, it ought to be throw into the bin. Because any cultural practice that breeds such gross irresponsibility and encourages people to stage weddings they cannot afford is not only stupid but lacks any social good”~Akosua Abeberese
Watch Ruba’s Truth below…

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  1. 450 plates? really? how many people are they inviting?
    p.s. the total price is about 16,500 POUNDS not DOLLARS

  2. This is deeply stupid of them. You don’t have money and you want an expensive wedding as if it is mandatory. Culture my a$$

  3. And when i say i’ll have my traditional marriage on tuesday morning 8:30, strictly family and the 3 good friends that your family even consider as family, gov’t marriage registrar would be paid to be at the ceremony so we don’t have to travel there. People say i’m wicked. Unless my hubby doesn’t agree. What 450 plates why? If i’m willing to feed that amount; then my wedding recep would rather be feeding the needy because they need it and their thank you is a big blessing. And i’m not even stingy as a kwahu girl. Lol