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pissed_off_opt“A child is a beam of sunlight from the Infinite and Eternal, with possibilities of virtue and vice, but as yet unstained.” — Lyman Abbott.
Sometimes when you chance upon, witness or hear the way some parents raise their kids, you just wonder i f they are deserving of those kids in the first place.
Most times you may be tempted to have a say in such matters but knowing the society we live in, you zip it and spare yourself some insults. How dare someone who is yet to conceive give parenting advice? A typical me for instance telling a mother of 4 how to speak to her girl child—hell certainly would break loose, though some may not take offence.
The Ghanaian mind I can never fathom how it was assembled. I chanced upon something disheartening but equally stupid today on the N1 highway precisely Lapaz that left me in shock and resounding worries.
If you have not heard of the Walker Bush Highway popularly known as the N1 which extends from Tetteh Quarshie to Mallam junction then you probably came to the capital not long ago. Since its inception in 2012 by the late president Mills, it has claimed several lives.
It is by far the only highway I have seen people run to cross as if they are in a marathon. There simply is no joke or whatsoever when it comes to crossing the said road.
Today as I waited anxiously at the other end to cross over, I saw a lady of about 30 holding on to the tiny hands of a little girl of about 3. Where the lady was going with the girl in such a haste still remains a mystery. The lady who was constantly tapping her legs did not wait for the light to signal red as she briskly pulled the little girl for them to cross.
In chorus and dropped jaws everyone at the scene shouted “eeiiiii”. To our utter bewilderment the lady had the gut to ask why we made that much noise when she crossed. All that she could say was her life is hers so is her daughter’s.
What sort of human being can put the life of an innocent child in the face of this much danger?. The fact she was neither remorseful nor scared makes it more alarming. The kind of blood that flows in people’s` veins though.
Many are mad but a few are naked indeed….


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