EPIC FAIL – Read Bulldog’s Highly Convoluted And Meaningless Attempted Defence Of Sarkodie’s ‘Pro Bono’ Line

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Sarkodie is drowning in mockery, and some of his staunchest defenders are determined to go down with him.
Sarkodie thought he had released the greatest diss track of all time when he dropped ‘Kanta’ as a reply to M.anifest and rapped for far too long on it.
However, a cursory listen told us the song was far from an adequate reply to a lyricist the calibre of M.anifest. One of the most obvious mistakes related to Sark’s use of the term ‘pro bono’.
“I have helped you for FREE but from now going we will help you for PRO BONO” he rapped.
If you haven’t picked up on the absurdity of the line, Sarkodie used the synonyms ‘free’ and ‘pro bono’ as if they’re antonyms.
Anyway, one person trying to explain this all for us is Bulldog. He’s standing staunchly behind Sarkodie and thinks he knows why he used the two words in such a way.
According to him, the difference lies in pro bono being like charity work, hence there is a difference.
Anyway read what he wrote below, our heads just exploded.

So a lot of Ghanaians want to sweat the ‪#‎RAPGOD over the use of the word pro bono.. Please for your information, when a word stands on its own, mostly it has an entire different meaning from when it’s put in context or frame of reference.
Sarkodie said in his verse and I quote “I WILL HELP YOU FOR FREE but FROM NOW WE WILL BE WORKING PRO BONO”.
Keywords: HELP and WORK
HELPING OUT FOR FREE is one thing and knowing the person can’t afford your WORK because they may be suffering, is another thing all together.
PRO BONO WORK is done for clients who can’t afford to pay because they EARN A LOW INCOME, hence the one doing the WORK does it for public good because they MORALLY OWE IT THE PUBLIC to give back.
As in the case of CHARITY, it’s NOT FREE, its a MORAL OBLIGATION.
All the #RAPGOD meant was Manifest is suffering career wise and is willing to do charity for him.
For all who updated an commented that he was wrong PLEASE GO BACK and LISTEN to that line and come and apologize to the #RAPGOD and forever hold your peace. lol
Manifest is a dope MC but SARKODIE UNTIL SARKO – DIES
‪#‎grateful ‪#‎thywillbedone ‪#‎killdemwithlove ‪#‎sikanhyira

This is such a lovely piece of PR. I wonder if he’s doing it for free or for Pro Bono, per his explanation.

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  1. mo nfa mo nkwaseasem nk) do.. pro bono, pro ashanti, pro dagaati, pro igbe, pro ntafo), pro abr)fo…. whatever your pros we dont care. nkurasefo)

  2. This is the problem with Ghanaians. They lie and cannot admit when they are wrong. Sarkodie has the bare minimum in his vocabulary when it comes to the English language so no one should be surprised if he doesn’t know the meaning of pro bono publico. However tHis joker’s attempt to explain away his client’s mistake makes him even a bigger joker than sarkodie. In Ghana the English language is butchered everyday by even those with PhDs sometimes in English literature. A lowly mimic like sarkodie is not expected to have a grasp of the English language. Even the best journalists including heads of think tanks, hint Franklin cudjoe, get on the air and butcher the language. So what this joker should have said was, my client didn’t know the meaning of pro bono. He made a mistake let’s move on. Instead of this twisted logic that leaves him looking like a day old pretzel on the back alleyway in New York. More twisted and brittle.
    Bulldog you are not a master of the queens language and any attempt to pretend otherwise makes you a fraud. Have some humility. Your client showed he’s not as clever as he pretends to be. So apologize to those you hurt with your twisted and fail attempt at logic and git!

  3. Ps. For those who thought pro bono has anything to do with Bono from u2 because he does charity work, there is a special place in English hell for you. Ghanaians need to accept what they don’t know and learn from world. Instead of being obstinate and proud in their ignorance.