Lil Wayne Hit With Another Seizure—Second Time in 3 Months Yet He Won't Stop Drinking That Sizzurp

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Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne was hit with another seizure and he was hospitalized. This is the second time in less than 3 months he has had seizures.
The ex of Christina Milian suffered a seizure two months ago and his aircraft had to make an emergency landing. According to Lil Wayne, his last seizure was not triggered by sizzurp but from a chronic condition-epilepsy which he takes medications to control. It is reported that he didn’t take his medicines because they had run out of stock where he was performing which resulted in the seizure.
It is also alleged he was drinking huge amounts of sizzurp in a club before the seizure started the last time but he claims that was not what caused the seizures.
It’s reported the new seizure was so bad he had to cancel his performance at TAO night club in Vegas for a pre-UFC party.
He was about to go on stage when the seizure hit him. He was released after spending some time in the ICU and is now resting in Miami. No news yet on what caused the seizure this time.


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