Man Who Helped the Video of the Killing of Alton Sterling to Go Viral Online Arrested A Few Hours Later On What Seems Like A Bogus Charge

Chris LeDay
Chris LeDay

Chris LeDay shared the first video of the police killing Alton Sterling on social media, though he did not record it himself—and a few hours of this, he got arrested.
According to Chris, while on his way to work at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, he was detained by both military and civilian police officers—saying, he fits the profile of a man wanted for battery.
Chris mentioned to Photography Is Not a Crime  that he was arrested on the spot because of unpaid traffic tickets which came up after the initial profile fitting stop. And he spent the night in jail—only released after he paid $1,231 in fines.
The truth his, he actually owed unpaid traffic tickets — but how he got the initial attention is suspicious, considering the fact that he says he hasn’t been driving and uses Uber to get to work as his drivers license was suspended.
Chris LeDay thinks all these is somehow related to the fact that he helped the Alton Sterling shooting video to go viral.
He wrote the below on facebook…
Chris LeDay1
Chris LeDay2


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