What Happened to John Dumelo's So Called Adventure Video Game & Also the Documentary He Claims He Did With the US Woman Who Alleged the Actor Married Her for Papers?

Johnn Dumelo

Hello Chris-Vincent,
I am an avid reader of your blog and knowing you are to some extent friends with John Dumelo, I have humbly decided to write to you to seek answer to these two important questions.
John Dumelo to me is a liar, a cheat and a man who cunningly takes from women but that’s what I know and others are free to disagree with me.
However, what I believe we can all reasonable evaluate is these two claims the actor made in the media, the first was from an article you wrote yourself after having spoken to him.
Almost a year ago, you published an article titled: “John Dumelo is the New Tarzan Plus Jet Li Put Together | Kicking the Bad Guys & Protecting the Womenand even posted a video of this so called adventure video soon to be launched by John Dumelo. In the article, you stated: 

John Dumelo is an on-screen love hero, a perfect gentleman who many women desire but in this new adventure game, he is more than the soft sweet Dumelo—he is damn tough, he coalesces the combat skills of Tarzan and Jet Li so to be able to take charge of the street.
When GhanaCelebrities.Com asked the actor/entrepreneur about the concept of the game, he revealed that “it would be an adventure game that tells a story as you play on.”
He added: “it could take up to six months or a year to finish playing all the levels of the game.”
“The unique thing about this game is that it is set in cosmopolitan Accra, Nigeria and other parts of Africa. One can therefore see many of the iconic structures that define some cities in Africa.This I believe would give users a game they can relate to,” John Dumelo said.
The actor also revealed the game would be a free game that both Android and iOS phones can find on their app stores when it becomes available.
About what inspired this latest venture, he explained that since gaming is getting stronger and stronger as a means of entertainment for many people it makes sense for him as an entertainer to use that medium to tell a story that people love. And that to him, gaming is another medium of expressing art; just like acting or music.
John is taking a bold step by looking at a unique angle no celebrity in Ghana and Africa has yet explored. The over 3 million fans he has on Facebook would come in handy in downloading this game.

Now my simple question is; where is the GAME? Another lie and big talk to get into the panties of a woman he was talking at the time right?
Also, a few years ago a USA lady popped up claiming John Dumelo married her at a quiet ceremony, intending to use her for a US paper. When John Dumelo’s cover blew up, the actor said the marriage was not real and he only had a dummy marriage ceremony with the woman for a documentary he was shooting.
On this issue, PeaceFm reported on 23th April, 2013:

Only last Thursday, Harrina was on phone to Peace FM’s Entertainment Review programme in an exclusive interview, insisting that John married her at a court in Virginia on March 11, 2013.
“I really don’t know why he is denying but we have gone through all the court processes and the two of us are legally married”, she said.
Asked why her supposed husband, John Dumelo, had denied ever marrying her, Harrina also asked, “I don’t understand why anyone will believe a story about someone making a documentary movie for a clothing line and getting married to six different women in different countries as part of the movie?”
“It doesn’t make sense. I didn’t play any role in the documentary he talks about. We are married and that is it. I never did a movie with John so that is a lie”, she disclosed.

Once again, where is this so called documentary? Even after 3 years the documentary is still not here…
So you see, I have every right as a fan to want to know or perhaps let me know the kind of liar and cheat John Dumelo is and warn women he is still dangerous, stay far.
Ellen O. A/ Accra-Ghana


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