REPORT: Funny Face Was Beating His Wife Like A Punching Bag & He Has Not Performed Any Divorce Rites + MORE

Funny Face and wife
Funny Face and wife

It does seem it was not just a case of a wife being indiscriminately chopped down by men—but there was some behind the veil beatings too.
Since it emerged that Funny Face and his wife-Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim’s marriage has ended, rumours have been speculating that the wife caused it with her unending cheating. Funny Face himself sort of confirmed this when he called women who cheat witches and murderers.
And now, a report from Rainbow Radio states that, Funny Face turned his wife into a punching bag and during the marriage did beat the hell out of her many times.
Irrespective of what a woman does, including even cheating, a man should not hit her—and therefore if this is true, Funny Face ought to be ashamed of himself.
“Our source also claims that, the comedian has been beating the lady on several occasions of which the family has settled matters,” Raindow radio stated.
The website adds:

It is also emerging that, Funny Face has been cheating and has a child with another lady in the UK out after his marriage with the ‘divorced wife’. The lady according to information gathered has several proofs of the actor’s infidelity and has on several occasions assaulted the wife infront of the alleged girlfriend..

Then on the issue of divorce, a family source is said to have told Rainbow radio this:

Has he performed any divorce ceremony? U can’t just marry somebody and wake up and say u have divorce her, u have to follow the procedure…The ring is still with the lady and that if she wants to divorce her, he shd go to the family and do the right thing not to just be spreading and disgracing her.

The guys at Rainbow radio further say they’ve been told Funny Face cheated on his wife multiple times and even has a child with a woman in UK.
There’s no smoke without fire—right?
Earlier today, GhanaCelebrities.Com reported on how despite Funny Face confirming that his marriage ended 7 months ago, his wife-Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim was spotted a few days ago (7th July, 2016) still rocking her wedding ring—as if everything was intact.


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