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SWEET! You Need To Read This If You Doubt The Existence Of True Love

364D36D000000578-0-image-a-14_1468573509506True love they have said knows no bounds and not even the almighty age can hinder love. If you still believe love do not exist, hopefully you would have a change of mind after this read. Particularly we seldom know when and where we would bump into love, I guess that is the beauty of love after all.
A 71 year old grandmother found love at the most strangest place and what I would say under the most bizarre circumstance. Almeda Errell from Tennessee has found love and solace in a 17 year old boy and both have proceeded to make their love story official by getting married.
Almeda met young Gary Hardwick at her son’s who died of diabetes funeral and according to her she just knew he was the one. Unknowingly to Almeda Gary felt same if not more for her and came professing his undying love for her once his relationship ended. After three weeks of unabated romance the couple tied the knot on a budget of $200. The newlyweds currently share Almeda’s house with one of her grandsons who is three years older than her new husband.
Almeda who lost her husband of 43 years to diabetics said she has been looking for a partner though not a young man but Gary came along and they connect in the most inexplicable way ever. Gary on the other hand has a history with older women,to him age is certainly no barrier. Congratulations are certainly in order.
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