Funny Face’s Marriage Turns FUNNY: Everything So Far + Friend Says Funny Face’s Wife is Possessed & Just 3 Months After Married She Confessed to Multiple Cheating + MORE

Funny Face and wife
Funny Face and wife

GhanaCelebrities.Com was reliably informed somewhere in April that Funny Face and his wife-Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim’s marriage was over—-but we could not publish anything on this because we were not permitted to do so.

And then it emerged earlier this week in the media that, Funny and Elizabeth had split—-setting into motion the subsequent shocking revelations.

Funny Face commented on the split up publication, saying, “Just saw this … I guess you can’t light a candle and hide it under your bed … Ppl will see the light .. It’s been Seven months ago … All I will say is ” I TRIED , IT JUST DIDN’T WORK”

Immediately after our publication on the split, rumours started flying in that the marriage ended because Elizabeth was being indiscriminately chopped down by both Sugar Daddies and young men—-and the infidelity became so much unbearable that Funny Face had to “kick” her out of the house.

That was what we were working with—-and then Funny Face subtly gave credence to the cheating speculations by saying in an interview that those who cheat on their partners are witches.

“When someone gives their love, trust, loyalty and you accept to be committed but later throw all their sacrifices to the dogs and cheat on them, you are no different from a witch or a wizard.” He said.

Funny Face recorded a short video, saying he does not want to taint the ex-wife’s name since he has slept on the same bed with her before—and despite folks in the known asking him to speak up about her diabolical dealings, he is not going to do so.

He shared the video with the caption : “#FunnyFans pls keep me in your really going thru a lot…can’t hide my emotions and feelings anymore!!.”

Right after the video, a source close to Elizabeth Ntim told GhanaCelebrities.Com that Funny Face is just playing a victim—adding that, he is actually the cause of the breakup since he was the one who was caught in their matrimonial bed with another woman.


The source also said Funny Face was beating the hell out of the wife—battering her whenever, to the extent that she couldn’t take it anymore.

And then Rainbow Radio in a publication that ties in to the conversation said Funny Face is alleged to have not only cheated but given birth with another woman in London—while still married to Elizabeth Ntim.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was spotted about 3 days ago still proudly rocking her wedding ring, as though nothing has happened.

Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim
Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim

Last night, sources close to Elizabeth Ntim promised to furnish GhanaCelebrities.Com with photos and videos of her battered face, as evidence that indeed Funny Face was assaulting her wife, who is a police officer.

While waiting for these photos and videos, a close friend of Funny Face reached out to GhanaCelebrities.Com this morning, detailing what he says is the real truth and nothing else—and they are deeply shocking.

Funny Face and Wife
Funny Face and Wife

According to this friend of Funny Face, just two days after Funny Face engaged Elizabeth, that’s the Monday after their engagement, she went under radar to see her ex-husband—raising a suspicion.

And then when photos of the engagement emerged online, several people started talking, especially guys—feeling sorry for Funny Face for marrying such a loose woman, with many claiming that they’ve actually slept with her.

The friend said: “this is a police woman and anytime Funny Face is with her in the company of other police men, there’s always tension because almost these men have literally f**ked her.”

We are told by this friend of Funny Face that 3 months after the marriage, hell broke lose at home when Funny Face caught her red handed cheating and “kicked” her out—intending to end the marriage.

But the girl’s family, especially the father who lives in Burkina Faso kept calling to plead, asking Nana Yaw (Funny Face) not to disgrace him by leaving his daughter.

Apparently, because Funny Face loves his wife and can’t get enough of her succulent big backside, he took her back—only to be served with more and more of her heinous dose of cheating.

About the car we were told she sold to add the money to the building of Funny’s house, Funny Face’s friend explained that, that car was bought for her by one of her Sugar Daddies, something she confessed to during the settlement of the cheating issue based on which Funny Face was about to drop her butt.

And then Funny Face said he was not comfortable with her driving around in a car bought for her by another man, especially now that they are married—so she agreed to sell it or pack it in her mother’s place. Following which Funny Face bought her a car which she used for all her eldritch rendezvous and cheating.

Funny Face
Funny Face

In a Ghanaian movie style, we are told Elizabeth’s cheating obsession is not normal—apparently, something spiritual as most people struggle to understand why a married woman would allow almost everyone to be chopping her down like a cheap prostitute.

In fact, “she once faked illness and was admitted to a private clinic where she knows the nurses and for one week that she was there, she would leave the place at night to go to a hotel to sleep with her boyfriend while Funny would be thinking his wife is not well and she is at the hospital” the friend said.

He added; “and then at the end of the one week, Funny Face had to foot the hospital bills” unaware the wife just played on his intelligence and benevolence.

It seems each side has a different story to tell but with Funny Face said to have even attempted suicide because he couldn’t take the disgrace the constant cheating of his wife was bring him, it seems better they’ve ended this obvious unhealthy relationship.

The friend of Funny Face says his respect for Funny has soared considering the fact that despite everything he went through in the hands of this “wicked woman” he wrongly married, he has been able to stay meek on issues.



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  1. It’s better they divorce- infidelity, suicidal thoughts?? That is unhealthy in any relationship especially marriage. Sometimes God doesn’t add babies for a reason. Just walk away. There’s too much craziness and honestly, marriage is not supposed to be this hard. It’s hard but not out of control like this. Ebei!

  2. So which is which? With everyone playing the victim who is telling the truth? Until substantial evidence is provided all these are child’s play


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