CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Rev. Counselor George Lutterodt is A LEGEND—-Of Course in Stupidity and Benightedness

Rev. Counselor Lutterodt
Rev. Counselor Lutterodt

Despite Rev. Counselor George Lutterodt’s increasing spewing of nonsense as relationship advice which is pathetically given credence by countless Ghanaian radio and TV stations struggling for decent content, I never thought I would ever be compelled to write a response to any of his messages—-because they are plainly stupid.
But I’ve decided to quickly response to his recent comment, and I don’t mean his skewed personal position but his absolute ignorance on fact.
Everyone is entitled to hold and express their opinions, even if such opinions are inherently absurd and ridiculous like those of Rev. Counselor Lutterodt.
But when facts are misrepresented plainly because of a person’s gross stupidity and benightedness, capable of impacting more ignorance on those paying attention, then it’s a duty that we erect a bulwark against the flow of this absurdity.
Commenting on the Funny Face and Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim’s marriage breakdown, Rev. Counselor Lutterodt as usual jumped into his pool of weird remarks, those are his opinions and we shouldn’t really bother with them.
However, Counselor Lutterodt delved into distorting of facts, saying, because Funny Face only had a traditional wedding ceremony (popularly called engagement) and did not proceed ahead to complete his marriage, presumably with a white wedding, his marriage was set to be doomed.
Here, Counselor Lutterodt ignorantly thinks that performing just the Ghanaian traditional marriage rites is not proper marriage—-forgetting that, this is what marriage is to a Ghanaian, recognised by law in Ghana and even outside Ghana.
This new and perhaps mandatory requirement being championed by many religious leaders and self appointed counsellors like Lutterodt, that marriage in Ghana is not complete or lacks God’s blessing until a white wedding is stage is purely borne out of ignorance.
It can further be said that, it’s contemptuous of our rich culture to demand that until a person adds a western ceremony that comes with extra cost and burden to his own marriage ceremony, that person ought not to be deemed as properly married or his marriage is set to fail.
Counselor Lutterodt even adds that, just staging a traditional marriage ceremony is an indication that you are not serious and you are not fully committed—-rather, engaging in trial and error.
In a recent authored article titled “White Weddings: to the Glory of God or Contempt of the African Culture?‘, I stated that;

During the early days of its introduction in Africa, white weddings were just the icing on the cake but today, it has somewhat become the actual cake.
I do not necessarily have a problem with Africans seeking to hold second marriages in a form of white weddings—my fret lies with the fact that it has increasingly become so; until the white wedding happens, marriage in Africa or by Africans is not absolute, even if all the necessary rites which define marriage have already taken place.

I added;

In Ghana and all other African countries (I stand to be corrected on this), the legal position of traditional/customary marriages are clearly established. The law fully recognises that once the established customary rites in relation to marriage are performed subject to a procedure requirement of registration in certain countries, the marriage is legal and the couple enjoy all the existing constitutional rights.
I’ve not come across any laid down procedure from any God in relation to how marriage should be conducted. It has always been a cultural event and that explains its varying structure when you move along the cultural spectrum—with white weddings well fitting the contemporary European culture.
Africans have our way too but as usual, we’ve almost discarded it for that of our colonial masters—and not only that, we treat the residue of ours with contempt. Thus, the increasing white weddings among Africans are not to the glory of God but contempt of Africa’s rich cultural heritage.

Obviously, Counselor Lutterodt and many like him are those holding high the flag of contempt and wrongly imprinting into Ghanaians that traditional marriages are somewhat inadequate, and a western wedding must be added to make a person’s marriage complete, in the eyes of the law and God.
Watch Counselor Lutterodt below…


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0 thoughts on “CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Rev. Counselor George Lutterodt is A LEGEND—-Of Course in Stupidity and Benightedness”

  1. U known what Chris.. I will for the first time ever agree with you on a topic.. This man is an idiot who because Ghanaians have no expectations other than the mediocrity that is thrown at them they just give him audience and make him feel relevant and important..
    Imagine if this guy went on radio or TV here in England and made those remarks, the number of calls/texts/emails etc that would have come in from disgruntles listeners who would demand he was pulled off air would be in an instant ..
    Ghana is messed up and the vast majority of its inhabitant and u wonder why the country can never go forward

  2. Chris, I agree with you about that fool who calls himself a counselor. Btw, there is no “ice” on a cake though…it is rather “icing”. 🙂

  3. Somebody please tell the so called counselor that every marriage is for a fact a “try and error”. We are humans and as such we commit errors. Why do you think they say “for better or for worse”…? Or maybe they should say “for better only”

  4. This man is very dumb seriously. People spend huge sum of money on white weddings and yet divorce after few years. Wedding don’t mean none these days. The only thing you should invest more is your marriage. I had a small wedding with 35 people none expensive and we both happily married till now. It was more like a traditional to me but was force to rock a white gown lol African parents smh. They both weren’t just meant to tie the knot but they ignored signs which usually calls for divorce. He needs to do his research more before he writes stuffs on the media. Am very disappointed, at his age he should know better?

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