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EveryBody Hates Chris: Kumawood Actress-Tracy Boakye Records A Video to Insult Chris—Confirming Why Sometimes Abortion is the Best Option & Why We Say "Nkurasesem Wo Kumawood" (VIDEO)

Tracy Boakye
Tracy Boakye

Everybody hates Chris-Vincent for his unfettered frankness…
Yesterday, GhanaCelebrities.Com published a distasteful photo of Kumawood actress-Tracy Boakye’s appearance at the wedding dinner/reception of actor-Bernard Aduse-Poku and Stella Dwomo—and pointed out the obvious fashion disaster and ‘nkurasesem” in what Tracy wore.
The post read:

Kumawood actor-Bernard Aduse-Poku married Stella Dwomo yesterday at Buokrom in Kumasi—and trust one or two Kumawood stars to light up their “nkurasesem” there too.
At a reception/dinner held to celebrate the marriage, Kumawood-actress Tracy Boakye joined several others to attend—except that what she wore does not in anyway fit the occasion.
In fact, it’s not just a matter of the outfit not being a dinner or wedding reception wear, what’s with the bra display?
And the sad part is, she was so proud that she posted it on instagram with the caption”@bernardadusepoku dinner.”
Who wears this to a wedding dinner?

Now, Kumawood actress-Tracy Boakye has recorded a video which she personally sent to GhanaCelebrities.Com via Whatsapp, confirming that the world would have been far better if her mother had free access to abortion and she also gave credence to our statement “Nkurasesem Wo Kumawood.”
In the little over a minute video, Tracy Boakye proudly admits she is an illiterate cretin and therefore the power bank of insults (0f course we know this already)—adding that, the Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri whom she admits she does not know or have never met before smells, forgetting that the stinking smell she was choking on was coming right from her own widely opened mouth.
There’s no distinction between lunacy and gross stupidity and this is all the evidence anyone needs.
And she also claims in the video Chris-Vincent is so broke he can’t even visit Ghana—ignorant to the fact that Chris-Vincent is everywhere, an undisputed globetrotter.
Then she boldly adds that she has been to London too, perhaps even before Chris-Vincent ever made it there—whatever that means, we are sure we’ve found our dumbass “celebrity’ of the year and we’ve decided to give the 15 minutes of fame she’s so desperate for.
After all, “Stupidity is BAE.”
Commenting on this, Chris-Vincent said:

Sometimes ABORTION should not only be FREE—-it should be recommended as the best option. The world would have been saved from the insane rhetoric of folks like Tracy Boakye and Donald Trump.

Tracy Boakye
Tracy Boakye

Watch the video below…


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0 thoughts on “EveryBody Hates Chris: Kumawood Actress-Tracy Boakye Records A Video to Insult Chris—Confirming Why Sometimes Abortion is the Best Option & Why We Say "Nkurasesem Wo Kumawood" (VIDEO)”

  1. Tracy, I know for sure you will read this. Have you ever heard of the saying, silence is golden? I guess not. You look so stupid now. Remember, a lady is seen but not heard.

  2. This one too is called an actress? I have never seen a bush woman like this before. So if Chris recorded a video or audio and insulted her then Ghanaian woman association or whatever will say this or that. But see what a woman is proudly saying. Kumawood fo wo krom

  3. Wow Tracy goes hard but she really should have kept quiet, because to do this as an actress is really distasteful. Although I didn’t see Tracy’s picture, O sae the wedding photos and MANY of the so called celebrities dressed poorly, I even said this yesterday, the outfits were mismatched, atrocious and outdated. I always say when it comes to events and things of that nature, Nigerians always win the show because they know how to dress. Even Ghallywood don’t compare to Nigerian actresses. But Tracy’s dressing was horrible tho. Ghanaian actresses need proper styling from professional stylist.

    • I think they dressed well for the actual traditional ceremony though; many were in Kente. I can’t say the same for the dinner. lol as u stated.

      • Well for me it was terrible, a lot of the actresses weren’t properly dressed even with the kente, one was mismatched, another was doing some strange combination but personally I’m not a big fan of the traditional kente, I like the different colours to the traditional one but the older women were okay

  4. My first time of hearing of this actress or seeing her. She too is in the industry? How can a woman be this bush and when someone puts out to her that she is push, she says she is upset. Upset about what you just confirmed? This is pure nkuras3s3m. Look at her lipstick even so so busg

  5. Her Gal shout up.. how much is a plain ticket from UK to much u get for your account and what investment apuuu..some women get mouth oooo ..Anamu..learn how to dress ….

  6. that was real HARD-CORE. you should watch this video with “welcome to the jungle” by guns n’ roses as background track…lol

  7. Tracy aaah i shock give you, why are you attacking Chris, the guy was just being honest, i get why people always say the truth is bitter, actress my foot see how you were dressed, with a white bra for that matter, looks like you were looking for attention , so instead of making a fool out of yourself go and sit down somewhere…….looking like one trashy low life hooker…….sounding like a rift ruff talking about your investments and account…too bad that couldnt buy you class…Local champion.

  8. OMG. What bush meat is this? Omg. i am so embarassed. chris talks a lot of crap but this woman sounds like wild cow. why di di watch this? my day is ruined. i don’t know what to say to her.

  9. This people are so foolish. Why disgrace yourself like this in a video? Does she think Chris is someone that insults will stop him from saying what he wants to say. Wo ab) ka. You have disgraced yourself

  10. Don’t judge someone’s choices without understanding their reasons, if you want someone to respect you, learn to respect the person first.

  11. I almost threw up after watching this video – so she’s an actress in Ghana lol ? What really qualifies one as an actor/actress in Ghana? It appears that, any idiot can be one — all you probably need is to be a school drop out, shameless & speak varnecular with alacrity & you’ll qualify to be casted in one of those ‘concert’ films…I’d rather watch porn than waste my time watching these imbeciles ! Openly & proudly declaring yourself as an illiterate? Omg! That’s very disgraceful!

  12. Oh ho Tracy! You took so low papa!!! Are you the only celebrity who they’ve talk/ write about your dressing???? Ano bucket! GC always do that! You not the first person wai. Madam villager!

  13. Hahahahaahahaha…Its like going to pick a fight at makola hoping the market woman u tempt with ur words will be holding a dictionary. She is uncouth but that is exactly what Chris deserves. Chris you could have been objective without insulting her first.U no see her dressing before tempting her? Or u think she is like even Emelia n Co u call names n go scout free? Pick your fights properly.’wo ni tw33aase ‘-hahahahahaha she is really uncouth, she reminds me of a sleeping tiger of a market woman I know. Hahahahha.. Can’t stop laughing

  14. Oh wow she’s lol wild oooo. Well not everyone can keep quiet when you publish an article about them. She’s just making gc rich with this YouTube video. I don’t get her tho, how much is that uk to gh ticket again? Lol the Chris we know go to Ghana every season so what was she talking about? Eish this one dieh original kumawood paaa. I think she will fit the coco brown series with her mouth mouth and her shadders.

  15. shame on you Tracy ! ……you so unsophisicated.! A lady doesn’t use filthy words like that….I watched your interview with Nkosuohene on youtube and you claimed you once resided in England…..and i bet you know how bloggers and journalist write artcicles about actors…I’ve you heard about Hot Topics on Wendy Williams Show, TMZ, E News, Access Hollywood, Fashion Police , etc and all the tabliods that publish both true and untrue stories about actors…..once you put yourself out there i’m afraid you ain’t got no privacy. next time be a awuraba.!…sister Tracy…..

    • Exactly!!! She doesn’t understand the meaning of public figure. We talk about you ones you join the club. Lol she’s full of her self too. Not all that but too damn loud.

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    • Only you will support such rubbish… Village girl if you hate Chris why are you here? Nonsense get the hell out of gc ASAP

      • Say it again. If Chris really cared would he even post it here since they said it was sent to them privately? They are making money from her foolishness which she does not recognise. You don’t know something you say yourself but you say things about him which makes them all false. And this one says she gave it to him? She only shown her village things which Chris highlighted in the first place

  17. This woman is a big disgrace to womanhood. Why are all the women who protest when a man insults a woman in Ghana? Won’t they protest against the bush things and insults of this woman too

  18. I love kumawood movies, when you tlk of class and elegance, then yu are talkin about nana ama mcbrown, emilia brobbey, benedicta gaffa vivian and the most beautiful ellen white.. but then we have the tracy boakyes, bernice asares that dress like clowns. i watched tracys birthday party on youtube, Eww, she was dress like a hoodrat, i am happy that someone is addressing her cuz she needs a stylist Serious!!! she claims she got her own production company, plz use some of the money u are getting from your sugar daddy to groom yourself wai.. and that makeup you got on is ghetto AF.. no one cares about when you went to UK, you went there when you was a kid right?? but i thought when you travel abroad it opens your eyes small but still 3nibi3 biaa ni h).. in your dressing, talk,…..

  19. A very big shame on this website and Chris. All the people you have ruined. People walking now with self esteem issues because of this website. Chris I blame your mother for being wicked enough to dump you on us in this world. She is very selfish. SHE should have aborted you. Your pregnancy should have miscarried.may any pregnancy you give any woman miscarry in Jesus name. The world does not need more hate breeers.
    and you people following him. You won’t get jobs?

  20. Chris, I have seen Ms. Tracy Boakye’s video full of unpleasant insults at you. The nature of the insults made me realized how much pain and anger the actress was in. I therefore decided to do a little follow up that led me to your report, which has her ingratiating video for our pending president. I used the word ‘ingratiating’ because you stated in your report that she used her own money to cast the video.
    But let’s call a spade by its name, Chris, you could have brought the message you intended to bring to the public without the word ‘illiterate.’ I personally think it was absurd to use that word for her. As such, it has effects on the entire Kumawood actors and actresses. This is what these people do to earn a living or survive the economic hardship in Ghana so I believe she was trying to use her fame to gain support for the president and the entire NDC party. It’s very okay for her and her friend to do that because Ghana is a democratic nation and we all do have freedom of speech, as well as freedom of choice.
    If I were Ms. Tracy Boakye, I would have put the nation first by considering the hardship that the majority of the citizens are going through like lack of better education, healthcare, jobs, and common social amenities like electricity, etc., before commending the president and his cabinets for a good job done. But like the saying goes, “everyone is for himself and God is for us all.”
    Chris, with your literacy, knowledge and background in journalism, I will encourage and advise you to capitalize on such situations like that of Ms. Tracy Boakye to educate the mass of the people to refrain from such public figures or celebrities who think only about themselves before considering the rest of the people around them. Greediness is killing the nation Ghana; every blessed day, these greedy people are trying so hard to take advantage of the weak ones. Our country’s direction of governance is in shambles and at risk because there won’t be any bright future for the children and the generations to come if Ghana is going to be governed in this trend.
    Last but not the least, Chris, prove yourself as a matured and experienced freelance writer without playing this game of insults concerning the people you write about. Be a guidance unto those that are blinded so that they can see. A good example of the personality I’m referring you to is Anas Amereyaw Anas. Please cut back on these insinuation games and go to work with a positive mind set because Ghanaians need the truth to be told for a better understanding of what good government is about.


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