Sister Deborah Says 'Ghana Jollof' Is Not Intended As A Diss To Nigerians

Deborah Vanessa
Deborah Vanessa

Looks like this family has quite the talent for pissing off Nigerians.
Wanlov and Mensah did it with ‘Thank God We Are Not A Nigerians’, and now Sister Debbie’s ‘Ghana Jollof’ seems to be accomplishing the same thing.
The song extolls the virtues of Ghana’s Jollof rice over that of our West African neighbours, and talk around it has come back up with the recent release of the official music video – and it seems to be causing some angst in Nigeria.
Sister Deborah has come out to say the song is not a diss to them, but just a little teasing as is normally found within families.
“Ghana Jollof is not a dis song to Nigerians, you know when we were young we use to tease our brothers and sisters and Nigerians are our brothers and sisters we love to tease our brothers and sisters it a natural thing not deep.
“It’s a fun song and that’s my style. I do comedy, I do music, its all about fun, its music to release stress is nothing serious but I like to do music videos because I take my art work serious”. she added.


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