INCREDULOUS!! Prince William And Kate Middleton's Son, Prince George Already Being Trolled

367EFC6100000578-3702907-image-a-37_1469176451889What at all is this world turning in to— a little boy who do not even know his right from wrong being trolled by the world. This is preposterous and out rightly mean.
Prince George, the eldest and only son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge respectively turned three earlier this week. As part of his celebration the royal family released about 4 pictures of him, one of which has caused an uproar amongst some Twitter users.
In the said picture the Prince was feeding a dog with ice cream and though the ice cream wasn’t exactly in the dogs mouth, people feel its wrong to feed a dog with dairy products hence the boy of three should be penalised.
How is this even rational?. Personally I think the Prince’s attempt to feed the dog with ice cream is his way of showing love and affection and absolutely no malice was intended.
What seems to be a normal harmless gesture to others is a big deal. Not that the life of the isn’t paramount but people are dying everyday with heinous tragedies plaguing the world and you sit behind anonymity to vent your anger on one innocent boy.
This generation is flawed!.
More photos after the cut.2 (8)_opt


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