A MUST READ!! Patoranking Busted For A Good Reason, Why Wear A Fake 'Yeezy' If You Claim To Have That Much Money?

Screenshot_20160725-100530_optOne thing that comes to mind when I see people glamour so proudly in fake products is whether they do not know what they don is fake or whether they do not give a fucking hoot to the genuineness of what whatever they shamelessly have on.
Patoranking has found himself at the wrong side of fame in his bid to show the world his shoes closet and net worth— he has inadvertently landed himself in the destructive claws of the media.
The 27 Nigerian reggae-dancehall singer shared a photo of himself on his Instagram page with 2 ladies and dollars littered all around them. A US site, Yeezybusta, which identifies fake and original Yeezys called out Patoranking for wearing fake Yeezys. Trust Americans, they started making fun of the Yeezys, they also claimed that the dollars were fake because the dollars were all facing up, some even said the girls were fake.
YEEZY is the official sneaker and clothing collaborative project between Adidas and American rapper Kanye West just in case you do not know what Yeezys are.
He captioned the picture “money dey find me,GOEtheAlbum”. Money indeed has found you Patoranking.
More photos of the comments after the cut.


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